Can You Still Make Money Online? An Honest Opinion

Day in and day out I get ashed can you still make money online? First off I’m going to give you the honest to goodness answer. That answer is a big fat yes. There are however things that you need to know and I have no problem being the one to fill you in.


First off you need to understand something about me. I am a marketer who pulls no punches. I am honest, I tell it like it is and I want to help those who want to help themselves.


In this article I am going to attempt to describe to you a little about what you need to do to succeed online. We are going to talk about the tools, training and so much more.


What Should You Be Doing?

There are so many ways to make money online but I am not going to dwell on anything other than affiliate marketing. In my opinion there is no better way to earn a living off the internet. There may be some other great ways but lets walk before we run. Affiliate marketing is the best for beginners and veterans alike.


I know what you are asking. What is affiliate marketing? That’s easy enough. I’m going to explain it from my point of view as opposed to some lame description that you need a degree to interpret.


Okay, here it is. Plain and simple affiliate marketing is you getting a commission for selling something for someone else. For example you post an article about deep freezes and you put links to freezers on and if someone clicks on that link and buys then you will get a commission.


I know it sounds so easy, right? Well lets just say there are many, many people who make thousands and thousands of dollars a month by doing this. Of course it’s not quite as easy as what you just heard me explain.


I will attempt to now get into more details on what you need to do to become successful at affiliate marketing.


The Absolute First Thing You Need

Long before tools or training there is one absolute thing that you need to think about. This is something before you ever sign up to anything or move forward on anything.


The one thing you need to do is think about a niche. That means you want to come up with a subject about something that is going to help you sell.


I would suggest you start by choosing something that you absolutely are passionate about. You could choose something like fishing, crocheting, skiing, or anything else. Of course those are very broad niches but you would learn how to make niches like that work for you.


Just so you know absolutely anything you can think of can be a niche so there really is no excuse when it comes to picking a niche. There is absolutely something out there for everyone.


What’s Going To Be Next?

So now you have a niche. All you need now is to put that niche to work for you. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well I’m not going to say it’s hard but I will say it requires hard work.


You are going to want to find a place that will supply you all the tools you need. It’s also always better if you can find these tools in one place. The tools are important but really will mean nothing to you if you don’t know how to use them.


So, wouldn’t it be great if where you find the tools you also find a place that teaches you to use these tools. Well I’m here to tell you that place really does exist.


I know what you are thinking. You are thinking something like this is expensive. Well, we will talk about that a little later in this article. So for now a few other things first.


Do You Have What It Takes?

Remember earlier when I was talking about whether this would be easy or not. So let me explain this to you a little.


I want you to understand that anything you do that you want to do well is going to require hard work from you. Now we are talking about making money online. This is a niche that is never going away.


You can make all kinds of money but I’m telling you that some serious effort will be required from you.


We talked about the tools and the training but you need to know what tools and training mean. All the tools and training mean absolutely nothing if you are not willing to put in the time to make the tools work.


Make Money Overnight In Your Pajamas

You are going to see phrases like this or phrases similar to this one all the time and the sales pages are going to be so good that you are going to have to pull out your credit card and join the opportunity.


Well I’m here to tell you that I have made that mistake for you and there is no need for you to make the mistake. Yes my friends there is money to be made but it takes time and it takes work.


I don’t like to use the word scam but you do need to know there are a lot of really bad opportunities out there. It’s really time to stop worrying about whether you are getting scammed or not and join the opportunity that is so far from a bad opportunity that it’s not even funny.


It’s time you got involved with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you almost everything you need to be successful. The only thing you really have to add is time and effort. All you need to do is take a look at this Wealthy Affiliate Review and I’m pretty sure you will be convinced that this is for you.


My name is Dale and I am an Affiliate Marketer. I won’t even pretend to know everything but I do love to help others. I am here to help others who want to make money from this great big thing we call the internet. Please feel free to look at the review below and get signed up for free.


Get Signed Up For Free


Remember I am always around sooner or later. If you feel like replying feel free to leave a comment below or to send me an email. The one thing I will never be is too busy to help anyone who wants to work with me and learn this great business.





24 Comments on “Can You Still Make Money Online? An Honest Opinion”

  1. Nice clear, easy to understand intro to affiliate marketing. Although people should not think for a minute that it’s a get rich quick system and there is a lot to learn and do. But if you can someone to guide you, it makes it so much easier. There are plenty of scams out there and everyone promises to be the ultimate solution so it would be good to do some research and look at some reviews first.

    1. I absolutely agree.  If people are like me they have tried many things but I believe most people are smarter than me and I welcome them to do research on Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hi Dale,

    Becoming an affiliate marketer online is not hard and anyone can do it from beginner to experienced.You just have to know where to look. I searched for years and finally found Wealthy Affiliate.The search had ended! Where else could you join a company for free and be able to start an online business?

    I thought it sounded too good to be true but I took a chance anyway and boy was I glad I did! I finally found the diamond in the rough. You cannot get what Wealthy Affiliate offers anywhere online. They provide you with everything you need to build a successful online business.

    Don’t take my word for it. Dale is right. Trust him and join today!

    1. Thanks for the great comment Rob.  I know so many people are skeptical but we both know Wealthy Affiliate isnt about taking a chance but rather something that will change your life.

  3. Hello there. I know for sure it is very possible to make a good living Online. I have seen many pay off their debts, purchase Awesome cars and even travelled around the world living the laptop kind of life.

    But it is not easy to start making money online. Like you said, it takes time, patience and hardwork to start making money online.

    Keep sharing Awesome Contents

    1. You are right about living the laptop kind of life.  It can be done if you are willing to put in the time and effort with the right tools.

  4. Hi Dale,

    You’ve got a great site here, keep up the good work. I am currently doing affiliate marketing as well and you are absolutely correct, “it takes time and it takes work.”


  5. Hey Dale, very exciting toic and we’ll covered. I am just beginning my journey with WA and the community here is like no other I have seen. This place is full of people eager to help others and promptly answer any questions. I love that the atmosphere is focused on EVERYONE’S success! There is no climbing over each other to reach the top of some grand pyramid. 

    I love how we are encouraged to help each other. This Pay-it- forward mentality is contagious. I commend you for sharing this and ingest opportunity! The hardest part about this business is knowing where to start. Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand and walks you through building a foundation for your business and the knowledge and support to be successful.

  6. I really like how you lay it out about if it’s possible to still make money online. I definitely agree with you that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to do that online. I like that you talked about the first thing that is needed to make Affiliate Marketing a reality and that is a niche. Something you’re passionate about is definitely the best route to go as it will ensure that you’ll create quality content for a long time to come. Hard work is definitely necessary for this to happen, but it is possible if you commit yourself to it and I love that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a profitable online business in any niche you choose. How has Affiliate Marketing gone for you so far?

  7. Hi Dale! Thank you very much for this bird sight view concerning earning money online as an affiliate marketer. This is a very useful post and it clarifies many misconceptions on this subject. I’ll share on Facebook with a couple of friends that were arguing some days ago that earning money online wasn’t worth giving a shot because they had been scammed. I know they’ll enjoy this post as much as I did. 

    1. Hi Henry.  I absolutely appreciate the words and the fact that you are willing to share this with others.  Lets hope it works out.

  8. No BS here folks. Everything spoken of here is the truth. Sustainable  Internet marketing success only comes from hard work.

    If you are willing to commit to 3-5 hours a week (more would be better) you can be a success. The key is to be consistent and determined to reach your goals.

    It won’t happen if you’re not willing to do these two things, pure and simple.

    Thanks for this honest post and reminding us that success takes work.


    1. Thanks for the comment Wayne.  You are so right.  As long as you are willing to do what it takes then it is almost impossible to fail.  Its about time to take the bull by the horns.

  9. This a very well put together post for beginners wanting an online business. I agree affiliate marketing  puts one in position of to start a no-to-low-cost business with high-profit possibilities. And I endorse the description put forth in this article.The way the author explains the process, gives a clear honest description.

  10. Hi Dale

    I like your post, it’s clear  and clean and well set out. You write as you would be talking to someone.

    I enjoyed reading your,  AboutMe’ page and your  working experiences and your family.

    Wealthy Affiliate does have the complete package doesn’t it?  Learn  and use the tools and knowledge on offer and well, you just have to succeed, don’t you?


    1. In my opinion if you do as you are taught and use the tools there is no way you can fail.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I hope your online career is a great one.

  11. Hi Dale,

    I am young in the money-making business online and I live in a Country where affiliate marketing opportunities online are rare and difficult. Electricity is poor and Intermittent; in a month’s subscription to a great program like WA I end up only with two weeks of electricity. Generating my own electricity is expensive, though I can create the time and I love to work.

    I am aware that I don’t need to live in America to market for Amazon and I know also there are other affiliate opportunities that I am using since things like Amazon, and eBay can’t accept affiliates from our country. 

    Do you think really, that with my case and the difficulty of getting finance to learn at WA, that this program is good for people like us? Sometimes, I feel like its out of my rich. I like the idea of planning that you have put forth, but what is your advice to one like me with limited financial resources? Any advice? Any better options.



    1. Hi there.  First off thank you for commenting on my site.  As for your ordeal all I can say is when you do have electricity be sure to use it wisely.

      The times you are without you could still be writing on paper, or you could be reading.

      As for the finances.  Well my friend we all have our stories.  However I strongly suggest you do everything in your power to stay because at the end of the day with time and effort it will work.

      I cant suggest anything else because I am such a great believer of WA

  12. I have been a survivor of what you so tatically referred to as “bad opportunities” instead of “scams”. I guess I was – probably still am – too trusting and expecting that people will be honest. A great many aren’t, but I think that at Wealthy Affiliates, there is the exception. So if you are seriously interested in making money online, this is the place to be. I agree that it is about hard work and few have seen immediate success but patience brings the desired success. The good thing about WA is that they give the needed information in byte size which makes it quite easy to follow.

    1. You are right.  Wealthy Affiliate is about taking baby steps to success.  Dont confuse hard work with baby steps but together they will take you a long way

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