Explode My Payday-Tired Of The Scams

My name is Dale and I am an affiliate marketer who in 2019 wants to expose as many scams or bad opportunities as possible. My first victim is a program called Explode My Payday.

I have been marketing for a few years now and decided that now is the time. In this review I will be revealing what exactly is going on with Explode My Payday
If you are one of the people who have been exploring Explode My Payday and you are not sure if it is legit or if it is a scam I’m about to let you know.
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Time For The Explode My Payday Review

A couple people have been asking me about a relatively new system for making money that can be found on Clickbank. It can be found in several other affiliate networks but mostly at Clickbank.

The question everyone is asking is whether or not Explode My Payday is a scam or is it a legit opportunity.

This Is What You Want

Below Is A Picture Of The Start Of The Website

Well I guess right off the bat they want to have you believing that they found some sort of loophole that is going to be allowing you to cash at least 3 paychecks a week.. First off a claim like that is my first red flag and should be yours as well.

I am here because you are looking for a great product and I want you to know that Explode Your Payday is not that opportunity. In fact as much as I am not a big fan of using the word scam I believe in this case scam is a must word.

There are a few reasons I paint it to be a scam. Firstly because it is portrayed with nothing but fake testimonials, big and expensive up sells that are just about padding the owners pockets and plain and simple because it doesn’t work.

I am just about to get into the in depth part of the review when it comes to Explode My Payday but first you should feel good about trying out my program that I use and make money with it.

Fake Testimonials with Explode My Payday

As you have been around the affiliate marketing world for a while you start to see and recognize things especially when you see them over and over. In turn that tends to set off red flags for us marketers and in turn lets us make these educational reviews.

Plain and simple with no smoking mirrors when the system is good then the testimonials don’t need to be faked as the program stands for itself.
To me because I have been around for a long time it is very clear that the testimonials for the Explode My Payday system are fake. It is clear that these are paid actors and the reason I am confident in saying that is because I have seen them doing testimonials for other programs around the internet.

They are paid and they are hired to make claims of money they are making. Many cases they make the claims in videos. They talk about how much money they have made and how much they are making. The fact of the matter is this opportunity isn’t the first one where I have seen these actors talking about how good the programs are.

The guy above is in a video where he claims he makes almost $2000 dollars in one day from using the Explode My Payday opportunity.

Try What Works For Me!!!

Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if you could sign up to an opportunity that you could make $2000 a day. I’m pretty sure anyone and everyone would be doing it and the world would be a happier place.

The fact of the matter is this is a fake testimonial and the lucky actor was likely paid about $5 or $10 dollars for this testimonial. Well $10 bucks is okay but its not really the $1000s that he is claiming that he makes from Explode My Payday

As for the woman above she is claiming to make over $4000 in a week. Now of course if we do the math that’s $16 000 a month. Hmm not hard to live on that kind of money.

I want to tell you that this really is possible with Explode My Payday but unfortunately then I would be lying to you. Personally in the last month I have seen this woman faking her testimonial on three other not so great opportunities. The testimonials are great and upbeat but they just aren’t true.

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Here is yet another one of those great testimonials. This lady claims to have never made a video before Explode My Payday but just made almost $1200 on her very first day.
The funny thing for a lady claiming to have never been in a video before this one I have personally seen her in a few more before this testimonial. On those she was also talking about the money she made in some other company.

The one thing that seems to be clear with all of these people is that when it comes to ethics they just don’t exist. They are happy to be paid a few dollars to act excited about an opportunity that is no good and that is offering people a product that clearly doesn’t work.

Now This One Really Does Work

Upsells With Explode My Payday

So we can move on from the fake testimonials which to me are the biggest red flags when looking at new opportunities. Now I will talk about something that isn’t so much an obvious red flag but something you do need to be aware of.is the up-sells that come along with Explode My Payday.

When you first get signed up you are led to believe everything you will ever need is right inside and at your finger tips. But wait for it!!! Yep that is proven fairly quickly to just not be the case.
The second you get inside you are blasted with the dreaded up-sell. Quite quickly you are offered another products that are supposed to make you successful at Explode My Payday. The offers say you will make even more money then the fake testimonials already said you would make.

This can become very confusing as the original video that is a sales video claims once inside you will have everything you need.

Here Is Everything You Will Need

So now you have been shown the up sell and you are confused as to whether or not all these people who claim to have made the money have done it with or without the up sells. Of course now you feel like you can’t succeed without the up-sells so you go ahead and spend more money. So the sad part is now you very well could be in for hundreds of dollars more.

In some cases up-sells are actually a good thing but when it comes to Explode My Payday you are just wasting your money and its money you are never going to get back.

So What Is My Verdict?

When it comes to Explode my Payday all I can say is it is by far an absolutely perfect example of a get-rich-quick scam. I am very careful when I uses the word scam but when it comes to opportunities like this that are obviously only after your money then sometimes it needs to be said.

I wont uses the term loosely but rather because of the evidence presented to me. The first one being all the fake testimonials and false claims of sudden overnight riches. In Explode My Payday these claims never come with any proof of all the earnings.

Put all the information that I have gathered together with the system and its quite clear in a hurry that the false claims are never going to be a true result. To me that means we are dealing with a get rich scam.so with that its what I believe Explode My Payday to be.

This Opportunity Is Not A Scam

As good as it sounds I work very hard to look at these sites and give an honest opinion. I suggest you stop wasting your time and check out the opportunity that has trained me to make money in affiliate marketing for over 2 years now

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Please feel free to leave any comments below or any questions or plain and simply some ideas. I am always back and forth checking and will answer you as soon as I can.

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16 Comments on “Explode My Payday-Tired Of The Scams”

  1. I was seriously looking at explode my payday and was about to pull the trigger on it as it looked like people were being successful.   I’m really glad you pointed out they are using fake testimonials.  I feel really gullible right now, but the good news is you saved me!

    I will definitely be checking out your recommendation and thank you again!

  2. You are to be commended Dale for exposing these “scam brokers”. I recognize at least one of these people and she is indeed a paid actor earning her living lying to naive people about bogus pitches like this one here. Makes my blood boil. It’s good to have folks like you setting the record straight, keep up the good exposing these con artists. And it’s also good to see you have a legitimate business to consider. All the best.   

    1. Thank you for the great words.  My focus is helping other marketers so if I can help them by keeping them away from scams then thats what I will do.  I have plans for many more opportunity revies so feel free to come back at any time


  3. Sometimes I wonder… Do the operators of this Explode My Payday program know that such strategy of using fake testimonials no longer work these days? In my opinion, the only ones that will fall for this type of scam are the naive newbies who easily get attracted with fake earning claims. 

    I did click on your recommended program and it looks better. I think I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate before, it’s just that I didn’t pay much attention to the one promoting the program to me before. I think now is the time for me to really look into that online business and make a try.

    Among the many banners in your website promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I apologize if I got confused as to which banner to click so I can join the program. Should I click on the banner that says “sign up for free”, or to the text link that says “premium membership sign up now”?

    1. Hi there.  Its important that we educate the newbies to stay away from the scams.  As for my links any one will take you to getting signed up for free.


  4. Hey Dale, thank you for bring another scam program – Explore My Payday to awareness. I have seen many of these scams use the same modus operandi like fake testimonials, exaggerated income and lots of hidden upsells. My advice to those wants to make money online, make sure you do your thorough research before investing into such a program. Please note that there is no overnight riches scheme. Every legit program requires your passion, determination and untiring effort to succeed.

    FYI, l am a Wealthy Affiliate member for more than a year and would encourage whoever wishes to start an online business to join as they really provide the essentials resources and tools you need to succeed.

    Best wishes.

    1. Im tired of opening up emails only to be offered another scam.   I know I am only one person but slowly I am going to work forward to expose as many bad opportunities as possible

  5. Oh,may goodness!  That girl with the brown hair has a fivver account too!  She literally gets paid to do spokesperson gigs ha!  I know she isn’t responsible for ‘explode my payday’ but, it is a shame she didn’t at least get paid that 4k!  

    Sometimes I swear these horrible “you don’t even have a clue what you are buying” schemes seem to multiply like rabbitts!  Every time I see another one of these crook sites pop up I get sick to my stomach.

    Dale’s main recommendation is spot on.  An educational platform is a great tool for success in Internet MArketing!  Good work Dale. 

    1. Some of these actors are paid good money for these fake testimonial.  You would think they would at least attempt to change their appearance a little.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  6. Admin, Hello! I am solidary and tired of fraud too. Look, this site Explode My Payday is stuffed with false. There is no real owner and real product here. The whole system is aimed at recruiting and creating artificial traffic that will quickly stop. 

    The goal of the 1st video is to force you to enter your personal data. In the 2nd video we are promised to send all the traffic from the Internet for the payment of commission. 

    If I give these scammers my personal information, such as my name and email address, they will use it for profit. 

    Your article is helpful with your caution. Thank. Mark

    1. Thank you for those words.  I am just tired of all the scams through out the years and i think its my time to start fighting back.


  7. Great article, thus saving us from another scam site. You are right when you say that the actors give a fake review and it is is easy to spot if you have been looking at MMO niche and the relevant websites. 

    The pattern of scam sites is very much similar where they offer get-rich-quick schemes and then upset once you register!

    Thanks Dale for this.

    1. Even though I have just started not that long ago I do have a mission and that is to expose every kind of scam possible on the internet even if that is 500 posts.  Its a work in progress but good people deserve the truth.


  8. From all the red flags Explode My Payday is probably a scam.But to be fair you never described their offer.I would like to know what is it,how much does it cost,how long this program has been around.But what I do agree is that Wealthy Affiiate is an honest program that provides real information.Just the hosting of up to 25 websites for their standard premium  is a reason to join.However,as a member myself I may be biased.Thank you for alerting newcomers to affiliate marketing of all the scams and shiny objects that try to distract us with offers of money for no work.

    1. I absolutely agree with your comment.  I will be more thorough with my reviews from now on.  Thank you for the advice.


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