Help Starting An Online Business-You Are Not Alone

So you want help to start an online business. Well let me be the one to help you. In this article I will tell you a little about me and about what it takes to start and maintain an online business.

This is an online world that we need to be watchful for. If you are new and just thinking of coming into the online world of business you need to build trust. Trust is a big word and honestly it is hard to find.
You are going to be overwhelmed by all the people and opportunities out there. Eventually if you want to move forward you are going to have to make a decision. the best advice I can give you is to do your homework, research and to ask questions. Then at the end of the day you will need to make a decision.

Who Am I?

My name is Dale and this is my second time around when it comes to working online. The first time I had to quit for personal reasons. However now I am back and I am going to bring with me even a bigger bang than before.


I have two real goals and reasons to be here. My number one reason is to make money and my number two reason is to help you make money. All i have ever wanted is to make sure that the people come to me learn how to make the money you deserve.


One thing you need to understand is when I say help you make money I don’t mean I will hand over the cash or do the work for you. What I mean is I will steer you in the right direction and help you learn how to use the tools. I will always also be in your corner to give you all the support you need.


I do know how to make money and I have no problem filling your head with pointers to help you on your journey because that is why I am here.


I have fun because I love working online. I can’t even consider it work because how do you consider something to be work when you love doing it so much.
I can say a lot more about me but I better not give up all my secrets until you decide to work with me. Now is the time to start making those decisions.

Who Do You Need To Be?


You obviously know who you are but do you really know who you need to be.


The first thing you need to be is teachable. If you want help to start an online business than you need to be willing to learn. You are going to be given an entire arsenal of tools but you need to be willing to learn to use those tools.


You may be a leader in life and that is great and that will help you in the future but just for now and for a little while you will need to learn to listen and pay attention. You will need to understand that there is no sense trying to reinvent the wheel.
Something else you need to understand is money just doesn’t rain down out of the sky. There are some marketers who would like you to believe this and if you do than yes money will likely rain down for them. For them right out of your bank account.


I’m sorry but if you are looking to make money online you are going to have to work for it. This is going to mean many months of working your tail off. The way you are going to do that is by believing in the training that I will lead you to. The exact same training I received and helped me to start making money online.


You need to believe in me, believe in the training but most of all you need to believe in yourself. If you can do this and put the training to work its virtually impossible to fail.


What Will You Be Doing?


There are tons of offers out there and I’m not going to lie. With almost all of them they couldn’t care less if you ever make any money at all. Also with most of them you will never make a penny.


Affiliate marketing is where you want to be. The art of building a website, filling it with good and relevant content, get traffic and finally monetize so that the traffic will convert to customers.


You would be learning step by step as to how to become an affiliate marketer. This training would be delivered by people who have been around for a long time. These people know the insides and outs of affiliate marketing.


So What Am I Talking About?


The platform I am talking about is a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Wait, wait!!! Before you run away because you think I am just another one of those guys. At least give me a minute or two to hear me out.


Wealthy Affiliate isn’t like all the others. This platform is a place where the people of the company and community actually care about you. So many of them want your success to be just as great as theirs. It is also the only place that I know of that believers exactly as they promise.


They promise they will give you the tools and the training you will need to succeed. Now, what you do with the tools and training is out of their hands and entirely up to you.


The Decision Is Up To You


All I am going to say is you would be foolish not to at least take a look and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You get to sign up for free and you won’t even be asked for a credit card. How much better does it get than that.


Oh wait let me tell you how much better it gets. Once you sign up for free with most places you get immediate up sells or can’t do absolutely anything without doing an upgrade.


With Wealthy Affiliate you always have the option of staying as a free member and with a free membership you even get two websites that are hosted right with WA.
Of course with a small inexpensive upgrade you will get so much more like 50 websites with hosting. Now of course there is so much more and you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review below.


Wealthy Affiliate Review


The other thing you need to remember is you are never far from someone helping you if you need it. Of course I will always be around to help but in the off chance I may be sleeping or something all you need to do is go to the community which is active 24 hours a day.


You have absolutely nothing to lose so why not come and try Wealthy Affiliate for Free.


Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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