How Affiliate Marketing Works Step By Step

So you have the itch to make money online.  You have two of the three things needed.  One is a computer, two is an internet connection and three is how affiliate marketing works step by step.  Not going to lie if you are willing to put in the time and effort   with affiliate marketing all your dreams can come true.


In this article I will attempt to show you how to get started with affiliate marketing and the steps to take.  With the information I’m going to give you, you will have a blueprint that could lean towards your dream of working from home.


However first I would like to explain a little about affiliate marketing.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Before I go any further I want to tell you something very important.  If you think affiliate marketing is going to be easy then you are wrong.  If you think it is the gold at the end of the rainbow then we are on the same page.


Just like finding the end of the rainbow, it requires patience and hard work to get the rewards.  If you put in the effort you can’t fail.  But I stress affiliate marketing isn’t an overnight thing, It will take some time to succeed but when you do it will be worth everything you put into it.


Okay, let’s get started.  So the question is what is affiliate marketing?  Well it’s pretty simple.  It is marketing that is based on your performance.  You promote peoples products and they pay you a commission for every product sold.  It doesn’t just have to be a product.  It can also be a service.


The cool thing is all the marketing happens online.  You will have internet property in the form of a website.  You will learn how to get visitors seeing your product and you will learn how to get them to buy from your website.  You just have to offer them something they need.


When we talk about products it can be anything from teddy bears to boats and cars.  When we say digital it is training, e-books, online courses and so much more.


You build the site and get the visitors to click links to get to the merchants product page.  Once there the merchant product page is built to help you close the sales.  If and when a sale is made through your link you will get paid a commission.  WooHoo!!!  You are now making money off the internet.


Let’s give you a little example of your new found wealth.  Let’s say a product is like 200 bucks and it pays 50% commission.  Yesss!!!  You just made a hundred bucks just for sending a visitor to a page where he wanted to buy the product anyway.  See, now that wasn’t so hard, was it??


If you are just starting out on line then affiliate marketing is the way to go.  It is very easy to get into and nowadays doesn’t need a bunch of technical skill.  You don’t deal with your own products and with the right program you can actually get started for free.  Beware to stay away from the affiliate courses that ask for thousands of dollars.  They are absolutely not worth it.


The cool thing is you don’t really sell, you don’t have to stock anything, and you absolutely don’t deal with payment or customers.  That is all done with the merchant.


As long as you have a computer and an internet connection then you are set.  So enough fooling around, let’s make some cash.




Over the years affiliate marketing has become so popular and profitable.  Because of this affiliate networks have been popping up all over the place on the internet.  The best thing, especially with the good networks is they help organize the process making things so much easier to manage.


Merchants get affiliates to come to these networks to sign up to promote their products.  It’s rather easy to find products on these sites.  Once you do and you sign up you will be assigned an affiliate link so that any sales are directed back to you for payment.


Affiliate networks deal with everything.  They even take care of paying both the merchant and the affiliate.  All they do is charge a very small percentage to provide these services.


There are hundreds of affiliate networks and at last count over 500 million affiliate products to sell online.  As a beginner though I suggest you keep things simple and start with either Amazon or Clickbank.


It’s Time to See how Affiliate Marketing Works


1.  Time To Pick A Product And A Niche


The very first step, point “A”, the beginning is deciding on a niche.  When I say A niche it means a subject where many people have similar interests like golf, diabetes and of course so much more.  It is proven that pretty much anything can be a niche.  You will find buyers in every niche out there.


For the most part the products will take care of themselves.  You just need to choose a niche you won’t get bored of so that means something you are really interested in or something you are passionate about.  At least this is a great way to get started with your first niche.


There was a time when you could start several micro niches and fake your way through it.  I guess you still may be able to fake your way through a niche but let’s face it there will be absolutely no fun in that.


Once you are happy with the niche you have chosen it’s not a bad time to start looking around for some great products to promote.  When you find the ones you want book mark them and keep them for later use as it is a bit early to worry about getting affiliate links right now.


2.  Time for a domain Name


Before you get the website up and running you are going to need a domain name to attach to it.  This is the first part as to where you are going to start building a brand.  You are going to want people to start knowing who you are.


There are a number of places where you can purchase domain names for reasonable pricing.


3.  You Need Hosting


Your website needs a place to live and how you provide that is to buy hosting.  Hosting is where absolutely everything on your website is stored.  When someone searches your site the hosting site will send the site to your reader.


There are several companies out there that will host your website.  The fact of the matter is finding the hosting that is going to work best for you is what is important.  As you start affiliate marketing I’m guessing you would like the technical stuff to be as simple as possible.


4.  Build Your Website


The time has come to get your site up and running.  The biggest and most important thing is focusing your site on your niche.  All content and products need to be relevant to your niche.  So if your niche is diabetes you should be talking about making money online.  The search engines won’t be able to make sense of things.  If they can’t make sense you will get no rankings.  No rankings mean no visitors which will mean no visitors.


You need to stay focused on your niche.  If you do this eventually things will work out just fine.


You also need a base on where you can build up your website.  In my opinion the easiest platform out there is WordPress..  The nice thing is usually through your hosting you will be able to choose WordPress as your platform.


5.  Write, Write, and Write, Content is Key


The focus of today’s affiliate marketing is writing good content.  One thing that is better than good content is great content.  There is no excuse.  Your content has to be streamlined and directed right at your chosen niche.


Don’t try and trick your visitors.  If you try and bring someone who is looking for info on diabetes to a working online site you may get a visitor for a brief second but quicker than they got there they will be gone.


So going back to the diabetes site.  You need to write stuff laser targeted at diabetes.  Your content will be about signs, symptoms, treatments, remedies, diets, lifestyle changes, news and tips.  Keep writing about this and you will continue adding value to your website.


6.  Get Visitors or Traffic to Your Site


Having the best looking site in the world with all the great content means absolutely nothing if no one is coming to it and seeing what it is about.  It would really suck if you put in all this effort for nothing.


That’s why getting traffic to your website is an absolute must.  You want those people who need what you have to offer to find you so you can not only help them but you can also start making money.


In the world of affiliate marketing there are two ways to get traffic.  One is free traffic and the other is paid traffic.


For now all I am going to say is I’m not going to say a lot about paid traffic.  Eventually it may be something you want to explore.  As a newbie I can’t stress enough that you should stay away from paid traffic.


If you are going to get into buying traffic you really need to know and understand what you are doing.  Also you need to have a budget that you are willing to lose if it happens to come to that.


When we talk about free traffic we are talking mostly about content marketing.  Content marketing comes into play when you write great content with the proper keywords.  This allows for the search engines to eventually find your site and the posts on your sites.  Once that happens people will start to find your site and slowly but surely you will start to see results.


Another great way to get traffic is though social media like Facebook.  You can get great traffic from social media sites.  However you do need to be careful to not spam these sites or you will literally be removed.  Slow and steady wins the race.


Eventually once you build some confidence you can even make some YouTube videos about your niche.  I do say confidence because when people watch you in a video they want to see that you are confident and knowledgeable about what you are talking about.


It also doesn’t hurt to leave comments on sites in your niche.  You can usually attach your website to your signature which allows others to have a look at your site.


Years ago you used to be able to get great traffic by stuffing keywords into short articles and publish them into directories.  If you have ever done article marketing you would know how great it used to be for getting traffic.


I wrote this to tell you that article marketing absolutely does not work anymore.  It is a total waste of time so just stay away from it.  Directories are nothing more than dumping grounds now.  The smart thing is to add very well written posts to your website now.


So, once again what do you need?


  • You need a niche and a product
  • Have to get a domain name
  • Need some hosting
  • Have to build your website
  • Need to add content
  • Need visitors (traffic)


I know for the most part this article is written for people who are new to affiliate marketing.  I also know all this can be overwhelming.


What you need to know is that there has never been a better time to get into affiliate marketing then right now.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips with a few searches and putting everything together.


It’s rather easy to learn how affiliate marketing works.  The key is you have to understand it doesn’t happen overnight.  You can succeed and you can make a lot of money.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was somewhere to go that has everything you need and wouldn’t it be nice if you could go there for free?  Well now there is.  Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to get started and even has a free option where you will never be asked for a credit card.  Have a look here.


My name is Dale and I am in Affiliate marketing to help those who have little or no experience and are looking to learn.  If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you.


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  1. Affiliate marketing has always seems quite confusing to me. But after reading this, it is a lot more clear. I like the idea that I do not have actually carry an inventory. Also, the variety of things I can be linked to is appealing. Could I make enough money to be able to quit my current job?

    1. You could make a lot more than enough money to quit your job. However you do need to know the money does not come overnight and not without a lot of hard work and determination.

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