How Can I Work From Home And Make Money? Let Me Show You

how can i work from home and make moneyHow can I work from home and make money is a question I get asked almost daily. The other question is isn’t everything online a scam?

Well in this article I hope to slightly show you the difference between a scam or not a scam but I do want to show you that you can make money from home.

I guess I should tell you that my name is Dale and I am an affiliate marketer. Do I make money online? I do make money online. However I am not going to sit here and tell you I have made millions or anything like that because that would be a lie.

The other thing you should know about me is I am not a techie. I work my butt off in this business and I let the programs help me with the technical stuff.

One last thing before we move forward is you should know I am all about helping others who want to put in the time an effort to make a successful online business.

What Are My Options?

make money from home

The world of working online has so many options but the fact of the matter is you need to choose the right option. Good news for you is if you aren’t sure of what a good option is that’s where I can help you.

The fact of the matter is I already made all the mistakes so there is no need for you to have to make the mistakes or for you to pick a bad opportunity.

Things aren’t like they were 10 years ago when you could make money with pretty much doing anything. Heck I uses to write 5-250 word articles a day and publish them in article directories and make $1000s a month and honestly it really wasn’t that hard of work.

You do need to know Google changed all that. Oh you can still make good money but don’t think you don’t have to work for it. I’m here to say the work is very rewarding. Nothing wrong with doing hard work to earn extra money.

Working online is no longer a hobby but instead it is an actual career where if you are willing to put in the work you can make quite a nice life for your self.

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Is It Really Possible?

working from home is possible

Is it really possible is a great question that anyone thinking of working online should be asking. The fact of the matter is it is more than possible.

People think you can sign up to these shiny objects and start making money overnight with as little work as possible.

The truth is that most people working online and making legit money are people that are working their butts off. These people are usually self-taught or have taken a course to teach them the steps to making money online.

In my world I focus on affiliate marketing. While there are many other options to making money online I decided to go in one direction and instead of knowing a little about a lot of things I preferred to become really good at one thing.

The training I work with has made myself and many others experts in the affiliate marketing world and now I would love to help make you an expert.

Everything I Need Will Cost Me A Fortune

Of course you are concerned at what such great training is going to cost you. You are used to seeing a lot of high prices and even bigger up sells.

I don’t blame you for bring a bit Leary, after all so many people end up dishing out a lot of money and all they end up with ismake money online from home an empty wallet and bank account.

Well the good news with the opportunity of training that I am offering is very affordable. So now you are wondering what affordable costs?

Well I am very glad to tell you that affordable is absolutely free. Yep you heard me right you can get into my training platform for absolutely free.

Now you are wondering what the catch is. Well honestly there is no catch. Free is free. Now you do have some other options but like the word goes it is an option.

Of course in this opportunity the option is even affordable. I will give you a real quick few words on what affordable is.

You can start with free. Then you can get your first month for $19 and then each month after that is $49 and let me tell you it is worth every penny and right here you can see what you get.

However like I mentioned that is an option because you can always stay free if you want. It will be a bit tougher and take a bit longer but its nice to know you can stay free (starter membership) for as long as you want.

Put The Pedal To The Medal

What this means is you really need to understand a successful online business doesn’t come easy and doesn’t come without an effort.

You need to take the opportunity and run with it. You need to make a commitment and never look back. I am here to tell you that you can make a lot of money online but that all depends on how bad you want it.

If you think you can just sit back and let things happen then beware you are never going to see a penny because no effort equals no money.

So in turn the more effort you put in the more money you will end up making.

I know everyone is different and everyone has different things going on in their lives. The fact of the matter is what others are doing doesn’t matter. What matters is that you put your foot into it and put the pedal to the metal and not looking back.

In this business the more you can put into it the more money you are going to make

Dont Let Me Stop You

I am the kind of person who loves making money online and loves helping others make money. I am also one of the guys who is not going to make false promises.

I am going to tell you the way it is all the time. Working online isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. I want to be there to help but only if you want this first.

I have a lot of reason to help others. I have been dealt the raw deal of all the spammy and scammy opportunities that lead to all the others taking the money from my wallet and bank accounts.

All you need to do is take a look at the opportunity and you will no doubt see it is for you.

Below you can find the comments section I would love if you could leave a comment, suggestion or question and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How Can I work From Home And Make Money


11 Comments on “How Can I Work From Home And Make Money? Let Me Show You”

  1. I think most people like myself really want to learn how to work at home. It’s really more convenient to work in ur comfort zone and this would give you time for family. Affiliate marketing is the first idea that comes to my mind when I think of working at home. And really, the best affiliate program for online marketers is Wealthy Affiliate. Thankfully, you can register for free and definitely you’ll love to upgrade to premium.

    1. I absolutely agree with you.  However sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone at least a little.  Thank you for taking the time to find my website and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  2. This is really interesting post. It actually educative. The best part that interests me in this post is “online job is no more hobby but can take it as career now’. That really sounds cool. Working online is not for lazy people truly it demands a lot. perseverance, dedication  and drive is really needed to thrive on online business.I totally agree with your post

    1. Years ago you could actually make money fairly easy online.  I think that is where a lot of people get confused.  Well so much has changed and those days are long gone.  

      It is far from a hobby.  Many people pay bills with the money earned online.  I am included in those many people but yes it is hard work.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  3. hello dale

    Thanks once again for sharing this great opportunity with your blog readers; I am one of the best affiliate marketers in my country at the moment and i can say it authoritatively that wealthy affiliate was the community that groomed me to become who i am today, you have shared a wonderful opportunity with the reader of this article and i hope they utilize it

    1. Wow its an honor to have one of the best affiliate marketers in their country commenting on my blog. Yes Wealthy affiliate has changed the life of so many people.


  4. Hi thank you for this information.I am already in and really I am liking every bit of it.The friendly people at wealthy affiliate !Awesome God is great lets help one another.

  5. Oh! lovely, Thanks for sharing this

    I have always believed everything online is scam, and it’s never my fault. It is just that the bad eggs are much more than the good ones. I think this post is eye opener. I have read through the article and i can say the review is well outlined. I am convinced that the platform is worth trying. Welldone job! 

    1. Wealthy Affiliate really is worth trying.  I tell everyone that if you are willing to put in the time and effort that you cant fail with this.


  6. Hey Dale,

    It is so great that someone is telling people that working online ISN’T a push button operation. You actually said you can’t make money overnight and I think that is a miscommunication that many people have. I know that when I first started I thought I would make money by my 6 or 9 month. Now I’m learning that it probably isn’t until your 15-18 month mark. But that doesn’t mean I will give up after 18 months without. I just may not be working hard enough, competition too much, site not prepared, a number of reasons. Just keep trying!!!

    Once you join, you should be here for the long haul. At least that’s how I feel.


    1. Thank you for that great reply.  I promised myself that when I got started again I didnt care how many articles it took but I would be honest and work on making sure people understand what it takes to make it in the online world.  Some articles may feel a bit repetitive but they are unique, honest and lets face it not everyone is going to read the same article.


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