How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? The Last Affiliate Review You Will Ever Need

Understanding Why wealthy Affiliate Is Number 1


Well you are here and you are interested. Chances are high that you one way or another have seen or heard about Wealthy Affiliate.


Chances are also good that you are here because you are interested in learning more before making any decisions in your life. In this review I am going to do my best to explain to you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about.


I’m also going to explain how this program is the best and how it could change your life. So let’s move forward and show you what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and how it can work for you.


Wealthy Affiliate, Working From Home Starts Here!!



Wealthy Affiliate is directly geared towards helping marketers build
businesses that will be successful for years to come. How they do this
is through the best training in the industry.


You will have complete access to all the tools and services that will be needed to make this happen. You will also have great support from many sources. Just like so many before you, you have tried to build a business from home and it hasn’t worked so well.


It’s also a good bet that you have spent money on programs that just don’t work. None of the programs out there are as Wealthy Affiliate. So what Wealthy Affiliate wants to show you is that you can take anything you love, turn it into a niche and build an online business with it. You don’t need any experience, You don’t need to know how to run a website and you can get started absolutely free with no credit card.


Nowadays it is very common to have an internet connection, it is also very common to have a phone, tablet or computer. With these two things you can build a very interesting, successful and thriving business.


Below is quick breakdown of what and how you are going to learn at Wealthy Affiliate.


For over 12 years this is the breakdown of how things worked back then and how they work now. These four steps will help you build a business online that will work for you for several years. It’s just about elaborating a bit and putting these steps to work. With the right amount of effort these sites could be lucrative for the rest of your life.


I am going to take this time to show you how these steps work. I will be going into some detail so that you have a much better understanding. This is important for you to understand that Wealthy Affiliate is the real thing. Was back then, is now and will be in the future. You can also get more info by visiting my site at Dales Help shop


Step 1: What do You Love (Choosing A Niche)


So you want to build a business online. That’s great but first you need to choose what kind of business it will be.
This is what we call choosing a niche. A niche can be absolutely anything. This includes millions of choices. However, the most simple and usually most lucrative niche is chosen by building around something you love. This could be hobbies, life events, jobs or just about anything.


There are so many niches out there but I will just give you a quick couple of examples. Maybe you are a horse lover.  If so you could build an entire niche around horses. Maybe its cars, computers, camping, fishing and so much more. I think you get the picture. Basically if you can think of it you can build a niche around it.


You don’t even have to hold knowledge of a niche you want to work with. With the internet you can become an expert
as you go. You will never run out of options when it comes to building niches whether they are something you are passionate about or something you are learning about.


You will find a complete lesson in Wealthy Affiliate on how to find a niche. Along with helping you find the niche they will offer continuous support on finding any niches you want to work with.


Step 2: Putting Your Website Together


So now you have a niche and it is time to put it to work. So the logical next step is to start building your website. The website is like the building on a brick and mortar business. The website is what’s going to make your business.


If you have no foundation then things start to fall apart very quickly and without the foundation you will not be able to do any maintenance. So building the foundation is key. The foundation is your website and that’s where all your income, strengths and traffic will end up at.


At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your website is about as long as you are using it properly. It’s all about providing people with as much information as possible. You help them by writing content and recommending services and products for them. You will be branding yourself as an expert.


Once again, even though you are branding yourself doesn’t mean you have to be an authority. You will become the authority as you work ahead on your website.


If you grow a passion you can become an authority on almost anything.


In Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites with the starter membership. If you upgrade to Premium you can have 50 websites hosted. 25 from your own domains and 25 with Wealthy Affiliates domains which are called Site Rubix.


Step 3: Internet traffic Is How You Get Visitors To Your Site


Traffic, traffic and more traffic is what you are going to need lots of to start making decent revenue. This isn’t unique to earning online. Could you imagine how long the local Wal-Mart would stay open if no one came to the store.


So the logic is the same. You basically have to get people to come to your website which in theory is a virtual store where you not only provide great content but you also sell products and services related to your website.


There are plenty of sites that want to help you promote your site as long as it is worth promoting. Sites like Facebook, snap chat, twitter, Google, yahoo and many more. Once you learn what it takes to get your sites indexed on these sites you will then be off to the races when it comes to getting traffic.


Traffic is Taught at Wealthy Affiliate. This is where you will be taught everything you need to know about traffic.

Step 4: Time To Make Money!

Well this may be the last thing we are talking about but by far it is not least important. You have everything now except the money. This is going to be achieved by finding stuff to sell your customers.


When the time comes to find something to sell to your consumers you shouldn’t have a problem finding something since there are over 500 000 000 million affiliate products that can be sold through your site. This is done through what is called affiliate marketing. You don’t carry any inventory. You just provide the info and the links. People
go through your links, they buy and you get a commission off of every single sale you make.


When it comes to making money through affiliate marketing you could make anywhere from a few pennies to several 1000s of dollars.


A popular affiliate vendor is Amazon. You refer people to your links and earn anywhere from 4% to 8% commissions on the purchases


Amazon is just one of thousands of places that you can make affiliate money from.


Wealthy Affiliate is it, Not only will you be using Wealthy Affiliate to learn absolutely everything you need to make money online but they also have one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. You start out as a beginner and work your way up. Stay with Wealthy Affiliate and you will become an expert marketer and will never look back.


10 Reasons To Take Wealthy Affiliate Serious


Reason 1: Completely FREE Starter Membership


If you don’t join Wealthy Affiliate you really have no excuse. Let me tell you why.


Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free to join.


The starter membership is what we are talking about. This membership is absolutely free and there is never an obligation to upgrade. Wealthy Affiliate is so confident in its service that it has no problem offering it to you for free. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is number one in the industry.


Once you have signed up for free you are welcome to look around use the tools. Basically taking it for a test drive. Once you have done that you have three options. You can continue to work for free. You can walk away and never look back or you can upgrade to premium. Either way it is always your choice.


You have no reason not to join and try Wealthy Affiliate. Why you ask?


If you decide to stay you never have to upgrade out of the free starter position. However, if at some point you feel you want more of the great tools then upgrading to premium is an option. It is always an option and never a must. Also, if you do upgrade it is very affordable at less than a dollar a day.


Try before you buy. How is that for a company sitting on the leading edge. When you make a decision it will be very informed and not something you were pressured into.


The fact of the matter is the free starter membership that is offered at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. It is much better than what you pay big dollars for at other learning sites.


Reason 2: No Upsells And Best Bang For Your Buck


If someone told you that you could run your own business, with a website and full support for less than a buck a day wouldn’t you jump at it?


Well, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate cause that’s where dreams come true.


There are so many crappy products out there and what makes them even worse is that many of them cost hundreds and thousands of dollars just to get any valuable info. The thing that drives me crazy is how so many people are
getting suckered into paying so much money for programs that turn out to be useless or far inferior to Wealthy affiliate. You will never feel this way when you start hanging out at Wealthy Affiliate.


For a full year of premium with Wealthy Affiliate you only pay $359.  That includes absolutely everything you need to succeed online. Which includes websites, great hosting, training and even personal training.  There is weekly live training and a great keyword tool.


Let’s face it. A buck a day is the best you are ever going to see in the industry. There are sites out there literally charging thousands of dollars for just a fraction of the info and training that you get at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you are at Wealthy Affiliate you will never have to get training or info from anywhere else.


Also remember the premium upgrade is just an option that you are welcome to work off for as long as you want.


Below in the chart we try to show some comparisons for you to make educated and not pressured decisions.


Reason 3: Smiles Everywhere You Look


Once you sign up for free all you need to do is look around to see how this site makes so many peoples dreams come true. There are thousands of success testimonials for you to read. If these aren’t inspiring anything will be.


These success stories range from people making their first site, making a few pennies, making hundreds and thousands and so many are about people leaving their jobs to do affiliate marketing full time.


A bottom line stone-cold hard fact is that if you do the work you can’t fail in Wealthy Affiliate. You need to be patient, put in effort and follow the training to a “t”. You will make money, you will succeed.  Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. However, all the tools and training will be there for you to take advantage of.


Reason 4: Free Weekly Courses


Going back to school may have been something you never envisioned when you just got out of High school but now that it is about building an online business from home it is a different story. At Wealthy Affiliate the courses are new every week. This isn’t outdated info but live and right up to date. If you do miss it all training videos are stored and easy for you to view.


Most times the classes are offered to us from Jay who is a long-standing member of Wealthy Affiliate. During the weekly live classes they are usually about an hour and a half long, have live chat and a complete question and answer session. Once in a while guests like Kyle will appear.


There are several options out there but there is only one Wealthy Affiliate.


Reason 5: Everything You Need


So many times you buy an expensive product or program only to find out you need hundreds and even thousands of dollars in up sells to make the program work.


If you are looking to build a site online and you need training your best option is coming to Wealthy Affiliate. You are getting every tool you need and all the training to use these tools. Your access is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Reason 6: Some Of The Best Hosting


A very important part of running a business online and having a website includes having services you can trust to work. When it comes to the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate you are dealing with some of the best power available. With your premium service you can run several very successful sites without even a flicker.


The last thing you need to worry about when trying to build a business on line is whether your followers can go to your site and use what’s there. So with Wealthy Affiliate feel free to focus on business whilethe support at Wealthy Affiliate makes sure everything keeps running smoothly.


Reason 7: Daily Updated Training


They say you are learning something new every day. Well that is so true with Wealthy affiliate because new training is being added on a daily basis. The updates show up daily. You will not find a more current data base anywhere on any other program. If its about building a business online you will have and find everything you need.


If its about building a business online you will find it. Keywords, WordPress, auto responders, articles and so forth and so forth.


Reason 8: Chat With The Owners And Founders


For starters you get access to one of the most interactive communities in the world. The numbers are not in the tens or hundreds but actually in the thousands. Yes that many people who are willing to help, brainstorm, give advice or just plain chat about life. If that isn’t enough on a daily basis Kyle and Carson who are the owners and founders
of Wealthy Affiliate are active in the community almost on a daily basis. They never have a problem offering to help with a problem. Lets face it with other companies we are lucky if we get a generic email address to send questions to.



Kyle and Carson are very proud of Wealthy Affiliate as they should be. They take pride in not having to hide behind an email address. The treatment we get from them is top-notch. Not too many days go by where they aren’t active in the live chat or commenting on blogs. Ask for help and you will receive.


Reason 9: Around the Clock Support


Wealthy Affiliate for many years has developed the pay it forward approach. This means there is always someone to help. All you need to do is ask. If an answer can’t be found right away you will have many people working to help you find the answer. So when someone needs some help or advice that you can workwith then you can reach out and help them.


Now if you have any problems with your website or hosting you have access to one of the top tech teams in the industry. This crew is available to you 24 hours a day. Also, you usually get a response within minutes. Now that is unheard-of in the industry. Usually you put in a support ticket and wait days for an email to come that may or may not help you.


Around one million people are part of Wealthy Affiliate in one way or another. This is an online training platform that is second to none. The proof is in the numbers.


Reason 10: From Soup To Nuts


We have education, websites, hosting, domains, communities, successes and not to mention 1000s of people who want to work with you. That includes the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate.


There is live chat, boot camp, training, You can send personal messages to other premium members.(no spamming)

Ranking, Ambassadors, awesome members. It just never stops at Wealthy Affiliate.


A Few Final Words


Whether you are looking to promote baby items, or looking for a free all expense paid trip to Vegas you are at the right spot.


I can tell you that you will not find anything even close to being as great as Wealthy Affiliate


This is not a get-rich-quick, Heck maybe not even get rich. However, you can change your life here.


If you are patient, you follow the training and do what asked you can not fail.


So why not sign up for free (no credit card needed) and have a look around and start taking advantage of your free site.


Just remember free is free and you never have to upgrade if you don’t want to. That will be your decision not some pushy sales person.


Please Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions below.





12 Comments on “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? The Last Affiliate Review You Will Ever Need”

  1. You really hit the nail on the head with your review. Wealthy Affiliate is all about knowledge and then some.
    Finding a niche that you love and enjoy is the way to start. Wealthy Affiliate guides you all the way through building your website and getting traffic.
    Eventually you will benefits financially but you have to help people looking for something. That’s how it’s done.
    If you want a successful website with the best training and support from 800,000 members, then you should be joining Wealth Affiliate right now.

    1. Now you hit the nail on the head.  As long as the steps are followed and we are patient everyone can prosper at Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. After reading this detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate, I will definitely agree that the wealth of resources one is exposed to on their platform is alarming, and with a free trial it’s even better.
    Who does’nt like the ability to try out something first. This a nice work you have done here and very helpful too in picking the right online business to join.

    1. Once people realize there isnt a catch and you can actually stay free forever if you choose will be when things blow up.  Of course premium is the best option but its not forced or required.

  3. Bladen; Your post is jam packed with vital information. If I never knew Wealthy Affiliate and it was a concrete monument from the information that you have given I could shut my eyes in the darkest night and reach out and touch Wealthy Affiliate with my hands.

    The emphasis that you have laid on the quality training and the niche choice had said so much to the searching public.

    Tell me. Are you not thinking of putting together a TV show on WA?

    Bladen I can only implore you to continue to publish WA and (big up) the founders: Kyle and Carson for their hard work and dedication to the WA community.

  4. I’m a student and I’m looking for a way to earn extra money online. I’m interested about wealthy affiliate but I don’t know how it works. I read your article and I found it very informative and helpful since I want to start with wealthy affiliate. Do you think that I could earn money with wealthy affiliate?

    1. Hi there my friend.  The short answer is yes you can make money through Wealthy Affiliate.  Im not going to lie, there is no such thing as get rich quick or anything like that.  Wealthy affiliate is a platform that teaches you absolutely everything you need to know.  You have nothing to lose by signing up for free with no credit card needed.  Also if you sign up myself and so many others will always be around to help you.  Give it a try by Joining through the post you were reading

  5. Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome opportunity if you want to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as well as build a successful online business. 🙂

    I think it’s amazing how a program like WA packs so much value into one place for such a reasonable monthly membership cost.

    I don’t think there is another program out there that provides websites, tools, training, and support under one roof, AND without upsells, I might add.

    WA is definitely worth a shot!

    Thanks for the review.

  6. Hello, I myself can confirm that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, I have learned so much through 4 of the certification courses and I am on my 5th one right now. I never knew that it would be possible to build a successful online business, but I have, very much thanks to the training and support at wealthy affiliate, and so can many others!

    1. You are right that it is the real deal.  I am working online, making money every day.  Not enough to live off yet but little amounts each day is starting to add up.  WA truly is the real deal for someone looking for a truly honest forum.

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