How To Get People To Read Your Blog?

Wealthy AffiliateI work in the affiliate marketing world and so often I am asked how to get people to read your blog.  Its not real simple to give a quick answer to this so I decided to take the time to write an article that may be able to help with that answer.

There are several ways to get traffic to your site.  It will take time and you need to understand this.  You really want to know how to get people to read your blog then continue reading this and go from there.

Social Networks Need To Know What You Are Doing

Be sure to make sure all the social networks you are involved with get updates to all your posts.  Every single time you write a new post its important that you get it on your Social media accounts.  Now that doesn’t mean spamming a bunch of affiliate links but sharing relative content from your blog.

Make Sure The Search Engines Find Your Content

Its very important to get your content indexed by the search engines.  You want too be able to find it in Google, Bing and every other search engine out there.  The internet has thousands of tips on getting indexed.  One of the biggest theories they will talk about are actually quite simple to accomplish.  That simple task is making sure you pick some well researched tags.

Make Sure Your Friends Know

friends at wealthy affiliate

If you are proud of your blog then why not tell everyone you know about it.  You can ask them by mouth in person.  Of course you can also text and email reminders to all your friends and family as well.  Get your family to sign up for news letters and email lists.  Also encourage them to comment on your content because each comment adds more content and the search engines love whn busy blogs are updated.

A number of family members doing their part can make a big difference in getting the organic traffic coming your way.

The fact of the matter is your family and friends will be the only people you know out of hopefully millions of eventual visitors.

Use The Right Tags

People searching will be using tags so it is your job to make sure you associate the right tags to your content.  That means the right tags for the right categories.

However this can be a catch 22 as you don’t want to get in the habit of saturation which means using too many tags.  A good rule of thumb is 15 or less tags.  If you end up using too many then it will be confusing for the search engines.

If you make it too confusing then unfortunately your work will never be found.

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Make Sure You Interact On Other Blogs

Its really easy to find blogs you are interested in and other blogs that are in your niche.  Once you fnd them be sure to subscribe and take the time to get to know the blogs inside and out.wealthy affiliate blog

Make sure you read blog posts that grab your interest.  \this will also help you find some other good ideas for content for your blog.

Once you read the blog posts make sure you leave some well thought out comments.  Try and fashion the comments in a way that they might start a conversation back and forth between you and the writer and other commenters.

Get Links From Other Blogs

If you are a blogger than you know from one blogger to another that this game is all about getting to know as many other people online as possible and interacting with them in one way or another.

The fact of the matter is it is important to link to other blogs.  Through stats the blogger many times will see your blog attached and reach out to interact with you as well.  At least that would be the smart thing to do.

If all things fall into place there is a good chance they might even sign up for your list a comment or two.

Also every time you write a new post its okay to send an email out to everyone you know and to your email list.  You would be surprised at the results you may get.

I will warn you however to not start sending too many emails.  Do not cross the line into spamming so that you do not turn things backwards for you.

Keep Adding Content

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The best way to get people coming to your blog and for the search engines to find it is to make sure you are adding regular content.

There really is no magic number but I would suggest at least 200 posts the first year and 2 a week after that.

Content really is key.  I will warn you however to make sure the content is good and relevant.  You won’t want your readers to go away because they aren’t interested any more.  Once you lose a reader it’s very hard to get them back.

If you have to post a little less to make sure your content is great then let that be the answer.

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You Can Use Paid Traffic

While I don’t recommend this at least at first you do have the option to pay for traffic to get people to your website.

This kind of traffic is obviously the way you are actually trying to buy customers.  While this all has to do with customer acquisition it really should only be used by seasoned veterans to the affiliate marketing world.

You really need to know you need an advertising budget and you never should go past that budget.

At the end of the day before you start getting into paid traffic I would first suggest taking some courses and secondly when you get started make sure you only spend what you are prepared to lose without anything in return.

It Takes Time For This To Happen

Even if you involve everything above that I have been talking about the traffic is not going to come over night.

It takes time to build a website and especially one with traffic.  When you hear of bloggers that get a lot of traffic to their blogs its because they add a lot of great content and they have been around for quite a while.

Don’t get discouraged if things don’t get going right away.  As long as you stick with it and don’t give up then you are very likely to succeed.

My name is Dale and I am an affiliate marketer.  I work my butt off to write great articles to help other marketers so that they can succeed.  My goal is to be an honest marketer because i have dealt with too many unhonest marketers in my career.

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Make sure you leave a comment below.  Feel free to also leave questions or ideas for other articles.  I am on very often so I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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19 Comments on “How To Get People To Read Your Blog?”

  1. Getting people to read your content is one of the most important jobs of the owner of a website because you can write awesome content but if nobody reads it then it is of no importance. Traffic is like the life of a blog. Without it, a blog can be considered to be nonfunctional. 

    A lot of online entrepreneurs fail in this aspect because it is never easy especially when you are just starting out. It can take some amount of time before the traffic on your blog starts seeing some real numbers and a lot of people are not able to be patient before this happens.

    Using paid ads to get people to your blog to read your content is one that probably should not be practiced by newbies but by those that are much more experienced because one can lose money very fast if you don’t have a sound idea on what to do to see a great level of success.

  2. I haven’t tried using tags yet to get traffic to my blog. That is something I need to do soon I’m not getting much traffic at all. The social networking I have used quite a bit but probably not enough. I have heard it takes time to get traffic to a blog so I guess I will do more of everything you mentioned and be patient. Thank you for the information.

  3. Hi Dale,

    I have found your article is useful for all beginners like me and I have already bookmarked your site for future reading. I was little disappointed about long time blogging activity but your article inspires me again. I believe your every word now and going to follow it. I also joined in wealthy affiliate as a premium member and still learning lot’s of things there. Thanks for your helpful tips.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.  As long as you move forward you will see that things will happen.  Good luck in your future blogging


  4. Hi Dale – that’s a great aticle. I think you hit all the main points for people starting out. Great content is definitely the ‘secret sauce’. And patience 🙂 as it can take Goolge a few months to index a new site and longer before it ranks it.

    Your recommendtion to go for 200 posts in the first year is sound as G likes regular content and, as you say, sites with lot of content will rank well.

    I think another thing to consider is your post title and even your sub headers. Obviously, the title will be keyword-related but you can add more info after it. For example, if your keyword was ‘how to start collecting beer mats’ – I’m just pulling this from the tea coaster on my desk 🙂 – the title could be: How to start collecting beer mats – 8 sources even the pros don’t now about. You get the idea.

    Great stuff, thanks,Ian

    1. Its great to see other bloggers stopping by and commenting on my posts.  I think you have some great advice and you bring a lot of good advice to the plate.


  5. Hello Dave, Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I have researched multiple income opportunities online. One thing that always keeps coming back is to write valuable content. That’s what’s holding me back to be quite honest. I am not such a good writer and to at least write 200 posts the first year… How do you handle that and what is your recommendation on this?

    1. For me, I am always writing.  I am writing when I am on coffee.  I write when I am on the subway and just keep writing.  I dont allow myself to have excuses

  6. I’ve been a blogger/affiliate marketer for over a decade now and one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is the change Google’s had towards new websites. In short – they have no time for them at all!

    If you don’t have over 50 articles on your website don’t bother checking your analytics etc – they won’t give you anything you need to see (they’ll only depress you). 

    Have you noticed this change in Google over the last three years or so?

    1. You are spot on.  Honestly over the last 10 years I have noticed lots of changes to Google.  The only thing we can do is adapt because Google isnt going to listen to us.  Thank you for a great response.


  7. That is great information. I did not know that one can get links from other blogs.  This is something that I am going to try out. For some reason I have not been telling my friends that I blog, yes they know I do a lot of internet stuff but not blogging. Adding content to my site is what I am really working on day by day.  At least for now I write two articles per month. Thank you for your insights.

    1. Thats great but Im going to enforce that you try and write a lot more content.  The number I suggest to people is at least 100 a year but of course more is better.


  8. Thank you for this wonderful poat6, I find it really helpful for a begginner like me in the online world. I have just opened a blog and I have been posting nice contents over the past few days. I will surely implement all other strategies you listed above. Thank you. 

  9. At first it is difficult to get traffic bit as your website ages your traffic also increases. What I found effective is to be consistent in posting. Twice a week as minimum. That way when your visitors visit your site there is always fresh content. More content equals more traffic. Of course sharing in social media is also one of the fastest way to get instant traffic. I can see my posts in facebook being indexed also by google. Paid ads will provide instant traffic but this are good for a limited time offer like the Black Friday.

  10. Hey Dale,

    l must say that this a great article and l had implemented some of the strategies on my website. But l have difficulty in differing between Tags and Categories. Do l need to add tags in all my posts and get them indexed by Google?

    Some time l also have writing block, how do you get new ideas for content creation? Further, I have bookmarked your website for future reference.

    Thank you 

  11. Thanks for the informative blog post! Much grateful! Getting tons of traffic to a blog can take some time but, by following the pro blogging tips as exactly suggested in this post, one will surely get a lot of people to visit one’s blog and read posts on time.

    All of the tips mentioned in this post are fundamental/proven blogging tips. Simple blogging tactics such as socializing, getting indexed by Google, using the right tags, keeping friends informed as well as getting links from other blogs are all working tips that everyone should follow sheepishly in order to start seeing results in earnest. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

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