How To Work Online From Home And Get Paid-All in 2019

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Hello to all the wonderful people out there. I hope you are having a great night, morning, day or whatever. I hope you have come to my web page looking for the absolute best opportunity you will ever hear of.


I will tell you a little about the opportunity in a bit but right now and first off you should know a little about the person that is writing this absolutely great article for you to read.

Well im just a fun guy who works his but off to make money online and to help others make money online doing mostly the things I do. The biggest part is I love what I’m doing and because of that I have a lot of fun and I hope at the end of the day you have the same fun.

My name is Dale and I want to be your partner, mentor and just plain old helper. I have been online since about 2007 and I always wanted to be able to help others. Well now the time has come and I am going to fulfill that want.

So I ask that you stick with me through this article and at that point make a decision.

First Thing Is To Make A Commitment

wealthy affiliate

Im not going to beat around the bush. I love to help people but only people who want to help themselves. I had to get off my butt and do the work in order to succeed and still have to work my butt off every day.

My mentor was quite clear that he was going to help me but he wasn’t going to do the work for me. That was all I could ask because I was willing to do the work but I knew I would never be alone. The cool thing is that I am still not alone because help is always just a question away.

You need to decide if you have what it takes. I know there are so many programs that make all kinds of promises to you. The time has come for you to understand that if it seems too good to be true it most likely is.

You need to learn about the scams out there. I talk about that in another article and you can read that here.

Second Thing Is To Learn About The Program


I am going to introduce you to likely the best program you are going to find anywhere on the internet. This opportunity does not fall into the category of the shinny object syndrome.

I want to show you a program that is going to take you step by step and show you how to make money online. Take a look at the program here.

No one is going to promise you riches overnight. No one is going to tell you that all you need to do is work 20 minutes a day and no one is going to tell you that this is going to be easy.

The cool thing with this program is you can get signed up absolutely free with no credit card and with no catch.

It’s really quite simple. You sign up for free. You test drive the premium account for a week and decide if you want to stay premium or if you want to stay free (starter membership).

The cool thing is you don’t have to upgrade. You can still make money with a starter free membership but I would hope it’s obvious that of course with a premium membership you will be privy to more tools and training and quicker success.

Thirdly Learn About The Tools And Training

Pretty much any job or career that you go to you will need tools and training on ho to use the tools. Of course if you want trainingto be successful in your career you are going to have to pay attention and do your best to learn what is being given to you.

Well, working a legit online business is no different. The thing is one way or another you are going to have to learn what you are doing and what tools you are going to need to use.

There are a couple ways of doing this. You can go through several Google searches and figure out everything you are going to need and take the time to do it that way.

The other way is to try to find an opportunity where everything is all in one place and you can save the time of being everywhere on the internet. (Click Here To See That Opportunity).

It’s great to be in a place where all the mistakes have already been made and all you need to do is follow simple ABC steps. Now I didn’t say the work would be simple but I did say it takes simple steps.

So, I am going to reinforce the fact that no matter what you want to do in life you nee to learn how to do it. So tell me do you think it’s easier to learn by yourself or learn from someone who knows exactly whet you need to know.

Fourth, Time To Put Your Foot Forward

gas pedal

Of course I know you are on the fence. After all we both know you are looking for an opportunity but you are scared to move forward because of all the terrible opportunities out there.

Well I’m here to tell you that there is no better time than now to get off the fence. The time is right now. The only thing stopping you at this point is yourself. Everything you need is laid out for you.

So now is the time to stop looking back, stop watching people move past you and put your foot on the gas peddle and get yourself going.

You know you want to do something and you now at some point you have to make a decision. Well you should make the decision while you have a great opportunity sitting in front of you as opposed to when the next scam or bad opportunity pops out in front of you.

Where Are You Now?

credit cards

I know what it feels like to want to make extra money and worse yet to need to make extra money. You feel like the world is coming to an end. In your heart of hearts you feel like you have no where to turn.

Well my friend let me tell you that I to have been there and many others just like us have also been there. I can’t force you to come work with me and heck what I do may not even be for you but please if you take anything from me just remember if it’s too good to be true than it is usually.

When I got started online I was all by myself. I had to self train and you honestly couldn’t get advice from anyone because they either wanted to sell it to you or they didn’t want to give away any secrets that might lead to me getting a customer.

That is the reason I went on a journey to find someplace that was different and I did that when I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I was able to accomplish a few things. The first one being is I found the best community in the world. Yes it’s an opportunity but it is the training and the community that makes it all work.

Secondly I can make sure people don’t have to do things the way I had to because I am at a point where I can take the time to work with anyone that wants to work with themselves.

I have been doing this affiliate marketing thing for many years. Do you know what an awesome feeling it is to get a paycheck from places like Google, Amazon, EBay and so much more. It’s at that point that you know you have made it.

So your time has come and don’t let this time be taken from you. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Now that you have finished reading this article click on the link below.

Remember you sign up for free and you do not get asked for your credit card.


No Credit Card Needed


One last thing before you leave could I ask you to leave a comment, suggestion or question below. I am always around so I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible

Thank you and Cheers






11 Comments on “How To Work Online From Home And Get Paid-All in 2019”

  1. Hi, Dale, I still absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and have signed up for a second year.
    I know I am on the right path and I’m continually impressed with the diverse bright generous people in this community who wants to help you out to become successful.
    The information available here is never ending and the training teaches you how to build a business with a strong foundation, of course, it takes time to build a lucrative business, I know that I have to work hard, I keep doing it with consistency and dedication, and I’m confident success is around the corner.
    Thank you for sharing your excellent article about how to work online from home and get paid.

  2. One of my 2019 resolution is to being able work from home. I am tired working with corporate, 9 to 5. I have changed my job several times, but wherever I go, I never fit with the working environment (especially the boss). I’m willing to commit and learn about this Wealthy Affiliate that you recommend. However, can you tell me how long should I expect to start earning money? Is it one month perhaps? Thank you for your information

  3. I still absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and have signed up for a second year. I know I am on the right path and I’m continually impressed with the diverse bright generous people in this community, the information available here is never ending and the training teach you how to build a business from your home with a strong foundation.
    Of course, it takes time to build a lucrative business, anyone who wants to see results has to work very hard, have a clear vision and determination. I believe in myself, and apply what I have learned in this platform.
    Thank you so much for sharing How to Work Online From Home and get Paid.

  4. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a wonderful review about How To Work Online From Home And Get Paid.Thank you for sharing this information with us. I wanted to know about the good site for working online. I have learned a lot about how to work online by reading your article.This information is very useful for me.Again thank you so much.

  5. Hi Dale, I joined this platform recently and wondered if this really works. Well I am glad I did because I am not a ‘sit in the office all day’ person. Further to that I needed more income. The two best things I like about WA are 1) the support from the community. I don’t have to go it alone. 2) there are multiple ways to earn in addition to running my business. Yes, you are right. There are many opportunities but I have to do the work. Thank you for a brilliant article and lots of encouragement.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.  You are so right about the community.  I dare anyone to find a better helping community than the Wealthy Affiliate community.

  6. Really interesting thoroughly written review – thanks a lot!

    Some parts of the review are very motivational and inspiring. 

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find any information about the Wealthy Affiliate platform’s unique and helpful community though.

    Anyway, I found a few new facts about WA here – thanks a lot!

    I hope many guys new in online business will find this review useful.

    1. There is no where better than the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I try to give as much information as possible and everyone should know I am only a conversation away.

      Anyone can can leave comments asking me questions and I will get back to them.


  7. Thank you so much for the article on how to work online from home and get paid. You are correct Wealthy Affiliate is the best community in the world. Yes, you don’t need to give credit card details. The first ten lessons are free, and you can build your first niche website for free. I have joined WA recently, and I created my first website a few weeks ago with the support of WA. I highly recommend WA.

    1. Its great to meet you as  a new member of Wealthy Affiliate.  If I can give you some advice that would be to stick to it and always keep moving forward.


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