Is Email Processing A Scam?? Take A Look Here

I get asked almost on a daily basis, is email processing a scam? I have the answer and have answered many but then decided to do a post and put it on my website.


By doing this I can send people to the site and can help many people decide instead of answering people over and over with the same answer.


So in this post I will try to answer the questions about email processing and be here to help you make an informative decision. Also I will have some very valuable information on some other gigs that just may interest you.


Don’t run away until you have read at least every word in this article. It could very well be life changing.


Is Email Processing A Scam??

First off you need to know a little about me. That little that you need to know is that I do not beat around the bush. I tell things the way they are and I add absolutely no sugar coating. So be prepared to hear the truth in these words on this page and every page of my website.


Plain and simple yes email processing is a scam. There you have it. The entire answer in a short sentence. However I know you are dyeing to hear why I say this.


Many of you will remember the envelope stuffing scams that were around pre internet. Well this is about the closest version there is when it comes to email processing.


So almost all the email processing groups that exist offer you on average $25.00 dollars an email for each one you process. Hmm, do you really think that happens?


Let’s think about all the emails that are sent out every day. Do you think if companies were paying $25.00 an email to process that they would be in business very long.


Quite simply what you are doing is buying into a system. You pay the 25 bucks, you get some scripts and are told to spam Facebook groups, Social media forums and are even told to hang up fliers.


Once you do this and eventually someone signs up you will take the money and give them the same instructions you were given. Oh boy email processing it its best.


Is There Anything Legit Out There?

Well, of course there is. In fact there are quite a few great opportunities out there. It is just a matter of finding them. The other thing to know is there actually are a lot more scams than good opportunities and I am here to help you get over the hurdles of hitting a whole bunch of scams before maybe finding that one winning opportunity.


Now, I can list bad opportunity after bad opportunity. I would likely be here for hours and would have pages and pages of content. However this article is only really about 2 things.


1. Is email processing the real thing or not?

2. Is there actually a good and legit program out there?


Well I think you have my answer on email processing.


I’m not your typical writer, my reviews are a bit different from others but at the end of the day I am as legit as they come. Oh yes with legit also comes brutal honesty. I pull no punches. I tell you what’s good, what’s great and what’s terrible.


One other thing you should know is I don’t just say things that I assume. I actually do my homework and in many cases I actually spend the money just to check out how bad or good things can be.


Oh yes, if you ask is email processing a scam? The answer is a big fat yes. Stay away.


So, What Is A Real And Great Opportunity?

There are actually quite a few great companies out there but my focus is on what I and many others believe to be the best opportunity online. The name of that opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate.


This is a place where you can get all the tools and all the training you will ever need. The cool thing is that all of this is in one place and can actually be got for free or a premium option for very little money.


I can tell you anything but at the end of the day it has to be you who decides. I know you hear many different stories on a daily basis and by now you just don’t know what or who to believe.


I will provide you with the evidence and you decide. Just one thing to remember is the evidence I give you is not bad evidence. When I tell things the way they are these things are always the truth as well.


Take A Look At Wealthy Affiliate


Am I The Right Person To Hang With?

My name is Dale and I have been making money on and off for many years. I took some breaks for life reasons but I always come back to the internet.


I, in no way pretend to be a guru or do I claim to make millions of dollars. The fact of the matter is I am a real person. I actually do make money and I actually make money almost every single day.


I work hard, I put in the time and I learn what I need to learn. i never gave up. When times get tough I just work a bit harder


If you want to work with me I’m okay with that. As long as you show me that you want this then I will be there for you. Will I do the work for you? Absolutely not. What I will do is hold your hand to make sure you get into the same direction as me.


So feel free to look around my website and never again will you have to ask is email processing a scam?


Do Me A Favor

Below is a place where you can leave a comment. So I am asking that you please leave a comment, question or idea. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


See you on the inside!!


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