Learn To Build A Website-It Can Be Done For Free

No matter what on day one of learning to work online you need to learn one of the most important things and that is you need to learn to build a website.

There are several billion people online and almost all of them at one point or another will be searching for something.  It might be information, media or pretty much anything you can think of.  \this is the exact reason that you need to claim your own little piece of property on line that we call an upset.  Having your own website is going to get you ahead of the pack.  If you have a passion or something you just love then having a website is the way to promote it or show it off.

Below I have a few tips that I hope will help you decide how easy it actually is to learn to build a website.  There are more and more people taking on the challenge.  It’s also much easier on this day and age.  Back in the beginning you had to learn everything including writing code.  That no longer is the case.

Tips To Keep The Scare Away- A Website Can Be Very Easy

At the beginning when money is tight you want to try and do as much as you can for free.  That’s ok because there are actually places that will host your sites for free.  You can start with a free blog or website; get your feet wet and start learning how to get traffic coming to your site.

Content is so important.  You will go nowhere in this business if you can’t provide great readable content to your site.  You don’t have to be a professional writer.  You just need to write to your reader like they are the only one reading.

This can be done with posts, pictures and videos.  There was a time you could write a 400 word article, stuff it with keywords and you would be off to the races.  You would write and re write the articles and posts them to article directories with links.  Well that is no longer the way things work.  Now you will actually give the people what they are searching for.

Let People Enjoy Your Site

Have a look around the internet and try and get some ideas on how you would like your site to look.  There are a lot of designs, colors, fonts, sizes and so forth.  The nice thing these days is there are thousands and thousands of pre-built themes for you to choose from so that you don’t need to actually build the theme.  You just need to fill it with great content.

There are some great paid hosting services but you need to be ready before you go that route.  You have to make sure your budget is set so that you can afford these luxuries.  There are some other great options out there as well.  There are companies that have complete one stop shopping.  You get sites, hosting and training all in one.

When you are choosing a domain name you should be thinking of two things.  The first is something easy to remember and secondly think that you are going to be branding yourself. A big thing to remember is stay away from hyphens.  Simply put people don’t even try and remember those and end up landing on someone else’s site which really sucks for your business.

Learning web design is not that easy so why even waste your time doing it.  With the easiness these days there really is no need.  You can have the exact look you want with themes.  This way you can spend more time building content for your site.

If you want you can think of your site as the heart of your business.  Well the content is the blood that flows through and keeps it beating.  Without constant blood flow your site will die.

The Early Days.

You are a beginner and in 2017 that’s ok.  Beginners have just as much of a chance to make a good living online as even the most seasoned veteran.

I’m not going to lie once you have that website going there is a lot to learn like keywords, keyword phrases, SEO and so much more.  All of these are what you need to help get your traffic coming to your site.

Something that is very important to know is that you need to learn to build a website to get your business going anywhere.  You can try and do it the hard way or you can do it the easier way so that you can spend more time getting traffic to your website.

The Business Goes Further

Yes the website of course is one of the most important parts but at the end of the day you need to remember you are building a business.

Please remember there are no easy and no free rides when it comes to earning online.  There is great money to be made but it does require work.  It requires working hard, being patient and doing all the right things.

So the key is finding someplace that will do everything and when I say everything I mean give you a website, hosting and teach you exactly step by step every single thing you need for success.

Learn How To Build Your Website

10 Comments on “Learn To Build A Website-It Can Be Done For Free”

  1. Prior to reading your article, I was very intimidated by the thought of having an online business.

    But with your words, you have given me some hope. The fact that one does not need to worry about code when building a website, is a great relief.

    I love to write and you mentioned that I could build a website around my passion or hobby. This prospect excites me and I certainly would like to know more…

    You said, that one can get training, tools to learn how to build such a website. Can you tell me more?

  2. Building a website can be a daunting task for so many newbies because they think they need the technical skills and really have no idea on how to build one.

    But now in this day and age of the digital space, the process is incredibly quick and easy because no skills are required. We simply name our sites and click the mouse button a few times to get them set up. 🙂

    Since we are now in a time where people consume a lot of content on the internet and are looking for solutions to problems, blogging is a no-brainer, since there’s such a huge opportunity for anyone to build a successful business.

    Thanks for the recommendation you’ve shared for building a website.


    1. because of this it allows people to focus on their business as opposed to learning code and what not.  Wealthy Affiliate should be every new marketers dream.

  3. Up until a year ago I had no idea you could build a website for free, and if it was possible I didn’t think it would get me anywhere. I always thought I needed my own domain, hosting, and everything in between.
    Now I always build sites for free in my chosen niche to see how well they perform. If they do well I then buy a domain for it so I can own it for when it monetises

  4. I am considering an online business and currently researching my options online! The whole process, of learning to build a website online for free sounds like a great opportunity but are there any traps I should be aware of such as hidden fees, etc.? Also how many free websites can I build?

    Thanks in advance

    1. hi there with wealthy affiliate there are no traps.  As a free member you can build 2 free websites and keep them for life.  There are no traps.  There is an upgrade but it isn’t a must to succeed and you never have to upgrade and can still make money with your sites and promoting wealthy affiliate.

  5. Hello there! I don’t know how to build my own website but before at my old age of technology I remember that you need to memorize things and I think it’s called javascripts to make a website. I don’t want to do it like that and I just want to create a website that is no hassle and easy to do. Do you know any guide that will help me building a website? I really appreciate your response.

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