Make Money Writing Online-This Is Not A Scam

Of course, you want to make money writing online. You won’t be the first one and you won’t be the last one. The key to getting what you want is to stay away from the scams. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. The internet is full of scams and they aren’t going anywhere so its all about the consumer doing their homework to find the best possible programs out there.


You may see so many ads promising you all kinds of stuff. Rest assured most of those ads are just looking to take your cash and you will never see a penny from your writing.


I’m a down to earth kind of guy that doesn’t pull any punches. I talk about the things that work and only because they work for me and many others. I’m not going to try to wow you with stuff so crazy that they make you jump up and down.


Now, if you want to make money writing online I’m going to give you direction to a platform that will help you with that. In today’s day and age its hard to join something that actually steps up and does what it promises. Believe me it took me a lot of bad decisions and a lot of money before I found Wealthy Affiliate.


What The Heck Is Wealthy Affiliate?


In a few words Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that will teach you to build websites and teach you how to make money off those websites.


Before you run for the hills because you are scared to death when it comes to building websites. Wealthy Affiliate has come up with a very unique way of building websites. Now anyone can build a site. You don’t have to learn how to write code or anything like that. Its pretty much as simple as writing content and putting it on your website.


I’m not going to go into full detail here but at the bottom of this page you can go to the best Wealthy Affiliate review ever. However, I will give you a bit of a breakdown and than you can decide if you want more details.


Before I do that you do need to know something. If you think you are going to make money writing online without effort than you need to move on. There is money to be made but in life nothing comes without us having to work for it.


So once again I’m going to say if you don’t want to put in the time and effort than there is no sense wasting any more of your time. However, if you are intrigued so far than please continue reading.


The Mini Review


Of course, I love Wealthy Affiliate because if I didn’t I sure wouldn’t be telling you about it and secondly I wouldn’t even be a member of this place if it didn’t do exactly what it says.


First off Wealthy Affiliate offers you all the tools you will ever need to learn to make money from your writing and one step better is that they teach you how to use each and every one of those tools.


Some of the things you can look forward to working with are.


  • One on one help
  • Free websites
  • Great writing platform
  • Most helpful online community
  • Best affiliate program
  • Great tools for writing
  • The best training around
  • A 12-year-old company (stood against all challenges through the years)
  • So much more


You are never left alone with this company. There is a community forum of 1000s who are always willing and ready to help with any questions you may have. Also, there is a great search where you can find your answers to any and all questions.


Check out Wealthy Affiliate Review for a very in depth review.


Nothing For Nothing


Too many people come to the internet looking to make a fast buck. All too often they find the programs that offer that fast buck.
So no matter what you do from here please remember one thing. There are absolutely no programs that can guarantee quick money. So please stay away from those. All you are doing is lining someone elses pocket.


Another thing to remember is you will nee to work for this. There are no free rides in this business. You can make oodles of money with your writing but it is going to take oodles of work as well.


So at the end of the day as long as you know there is no such thing as easy money than you will be OK.


Warning to you. I’m sorry to put it this way but there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing out there and they are going to promise you the world for everything you have in your wallet. Well I have already been that guinea pig for you so there is no sense in you making the same mistakes and losing the same money I did.


Actually Use Wealthy Affiliate For Free


I’m not sure but I highly doubt there are many other companies that offer the great deal that Wealthy Affiliate does. If there is I still haven’t found it. So now I will tell you a little about that deal.


Wealthy Affiliate will let you sign up for absolutely free for one week and not even ask you for a credit card. During that week you will have access to almost all the premium benefits.
Once the week is done you can decide to stay on and continue as a free member or if you would like to upgrade and become a premium member.


There are 2 great things about this. First is if you decide to stay as a free member you can continue to work on your two free websites and continue to use the minimum tools of a starter. You can make money here without ever upgrading. However, I’m not going to lie it will be a lot tougher and longer journey.


The other thing is you can upgrade to premium for a very affordable price. When I say very affordable I mean like $49 bucks a month or even better you can sign up for a very cheap price of $359 a year.
The one last thing I need to tell you about premium is that if you sign up to premium you will get the first month for $19 bucks. So yes I am saying you can use absolutely everything for a month for less than 20 bucks.


So!!! Who Am I?


My name is Dale and I am an affiliate marketer. I make money writing online and it is all thanks to what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.
I presently run 3 successful websites and I learned to build and run those through everything I learned through WA.


I work very hard to help others who want to work online and make money doing it. I had a few good people stand by me and now I want to pay it forward.


So take that step and get signed up for free and se can go from there. Also don’t forget to check out the full review of Wealthy Affiliate below.


Wealthy Affiliate Review



4 Comments on “Make Money Writing Online-This Is Not A Scam”

  1. Hi Dale
    I am always a skeptic when it comes to “online deals for free,” sign-ups.

    I found that upon sign-up, I am immediately prompted to giving my credit card to go further on. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not the case when I took the Wealthy Affiliate trial.

    I was amazed at how much things I was given access to as a Free Starter Member. The most amazing part was the live and interactive community to help you and guide you along your way of building an online business.

    I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. I strongly urge your reader to give the free trial a go….


  2. Great post! It is sad how many scams are online. It’s frustrating to look for opportunities online knowing that there are so many scams. No wonder so many people don’t even attempt to try anything online because of the scammers.

    But, like you, it took me a while to find a legit opportunity. And I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely on the top of the list. It has everything you need to become successful online. And it provides it all for one low price or even a free membership to try most of it out before paying any money.

    You definitely won’t make any money from the websites that promise quick money. Like you said, you are simply lining someone else’s pockets and emptying your own. You have to work and put in time for money. That’s how it works offline and that’s how it works online.

    Thank you for being honest and providing helpful information.


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