Ways To Make Extra Money Online-The Cold Hard Truth

So you are wondering. Are there ways to make extra money online? Well I’m here to tell you that yes there is and you to can take advantage of it as well.


I know you are thinking this is just another article for one of the many scams out there. I don’t blame you because yes there are way too many scams out there. I actually wish there was a way we could get rid of them. However, until that happens you will just have to keep looking for the good ones and the good people. I just happen to be one of those good buys that is going to tell you the truth about a great program.


There are a few things you need to know real quickly when it comes to making money off the internet. You can’t make fast money. You won’t be making thousands of dollars by the end of the weekend. You will not make money by doing nothing. You will have to work your butt off to earn cold hard cash. Finally, at some point you need to give some trust and go with your gut.


How Do We Decide What’s A Scam?


I hate using the word scam because honestly in most cases it’s just people like you and I am tried to make money. It’s the wolves in sheeps clothing that we need to be careful of when deciding what to choose.


There are some things that should come up as red flags to you.

The first one is when someone tells you that you can earn easy money. Let me make this crystal clear to you. There may have been many years ago but never again will there be easy money on ways to earn extra money online.


Another one is when someone wants to tried to sell you on the fact that you can make quick money. Once again quick money just isn’t going to happen. Honestly you can make a great amount of money but it’s just not going to happen overnight.


A big red flag is when you sign up to something and the up sells never stop. Personally I am okay with opportunities that are free or very inexpensive. However, when I sign up free and ten minutes later I am getting emails telling me that in order to get the best out of the program I should pay $499, $799 or even $1500. Hell I even saw one the other day that was $4999. I couldn’t believe it. I got into this to make money and not empty my bank account and even worse go into debt.


A good way to help you decide is to go online and do some homework. Try to find non biased reviews of the company you are interested in joining.

One of the best ways to see how great a company may be is if they let you join with paying nothing and not asking for a credit card. To me this gains instant trust because I will get to decide with now risk to me or my bank account.


Will I Make Money And What Will It Take?


The short answer is yes you can make money and it will take effort. Now I am going to give you the long answer so that eventually you can make a decision you are comfortable with.


What’s different about me is I am going to be brutally honest with you. What? You are asking. Someone is going to tell me the truth about ways to make extra money online.


The fact of the matter when you get started online you really need to be patient. You have to understand there are things you are going to do and it is going to look like you are getting now rewards for it. You will spend endless hours in front of your computer and it will feel like you are getting nothing in return. However, that is now where near the truth. What you are doing is building your brand.


You will think you are never going to make money but to be honest there are more millionaires made on the Internet than anywhere else. It’s all going to start with your first dollar and as long as you keep working that first dollar will continue to grow and multiply.


You need to understand that you will be rewarded for your work and the rewards can be great. However, they just won’t happen overnight.

What Should I Look For In A Program?


Well when you are doing your homework there are a few things you should be looking for.

  • Program should be free or very inexpensive.
  • Program shouldn’t be asking you for your credit card. At least not at first.
  • Should have all the tools you need to build your business.
  • These tools shouldn’t cost extra money.
  • The program should have training for all the tools.
  • There should be great support
  • There should be a community of people willing to help
  • Lastly you need to feel good about what you are doing


There are not a lot of places that check all those boxes but when you find a program that does then you need to take a chance and see if it does everything that it promises.


Is There Such A Place?


Well, since you asked yes there is such a place. Wealthy Affiliate checks off all the boxes and many more. They just celebrated their 12th birthday and this is a big one.


There is now other company out there where you can actually email, chat and private message the owners and get answers. Quite often you even find them in the chat time in real time helping members with any questions they may have.


It is very rare to find someone unhappy with Wealthy Affiliate. Another great thing is you can join Wealthy Affiliate absolutely free and never get asked for a credit card. Another thing is this isn’t one of those companies where you have to upgrade.


Of course an upgrade will make it a bit easier and a bit quicker but you can still succeed staying on as a free member and that is something you don’t find anywhere.


So Who The Heck Am I?


My name is Dale and I am an affiliate marketer. I am one of the guys that makes some money on the internet. I’m not going to lie and say I am rich or anything. In fact, I still have a day job but having extra money isn’t a bad thing.


I have been around the block a few times and got involved in some businesses that never worked. So let me save you the trouble. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is because of what I learned there that I am actually making money.

The cool thing is you will never be left alone. My mission has always been to help others. It’s not like you sign up and everyone disappears. There will always be myself and thousands of others who will always be there to help you every step of the way.


So all I ask is you get signed up for free and take a look. If it isn’t the best place you have ever been to when it comes to learning to make money online then simply put you just walk away.


Below you can read the best Wealthy Affiliate review. Once you get through that you will see there are actually legit ways to make extra money online


Wealthy Affiliate Review


Once again if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. Thank you for your review on Wealthy Affiliate. It can be so difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff online and it’s all to easy to sign up to something quickly with your credit card and possibly regret it later.
    WA sounds like a great opportunity and I shall be checking them out soon.

    1. Yes indeed they are a great place to hang your hat and learn everything you need to know.  You are very welcome to keep coming back an checking out my blog.

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