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Wealthy Affiliate-Is It Too Good To Be True ?


Hi there, my name is Dale and I want to talk a little about Wealthy Affiliate and why it is the only platform out there.  Im going to try and talk in laymans terms so that you can truly understand what this is all about.  Im going to talk about all the nuts and bolts of Wealthy Affiliate.  This may be a long read.  So all I ask is you take the time to read it and at the end any decisions are left up to you.


History Of Wealthy Affiliate


In 2005 2 visionaries came into the marketing world with what we know as Wealthy .  I dont know if anyone including themselves could have imagined how big Wealthy Affiliate would become.


Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim are the two who started the magic.  Both men are from British Columbia, Canada.  Back then these men were high on helping people succeed in marketing and building their own websites.  The men new what success felt like and they wanted the world to experience that same feeling.



September 10, 2005 Wealthy affiliate was welcomed to the world as a membership site that presented keyword lists to members varying amongst several niches.  The price was $29.99 a m0nth and delivered one keyword list a month.  When they realized how their business was building they created the now famous WA Forum and they hired the first employee to Wealthy Affiliate.  Finally they added training on keywords and sending traffic to websites.




In 2006 the site was growing like crazy.  A price increase was needed thus sending the price to $39.00.  The reason for the slight price increase was more dedicated servers and a few more full time employees were needed.  Also Wa Spaces was released.




In 2007 wealthy Affiliate developed its own hosting  with only a couple servers.  They were Plesk and Site Rubix.  Site Rubix came out at the same time WordPress was starting to build traction.  The team worked endless hours and spent 1000s and 1000s of dollars which resulted in a tool that worked to build 1000s of websites for the members.




In 2008 after spending countless dollars an upgraded Site Rubix was put together but eventually put on the shelf to focus on other endeavors within Wealthy Affiliate.







Wealthy Affiliate hires a top notch member who can open some pretty important doors.  Things were really happening now.  Wealthy Affiliate was becoming the number one place to go to build a business online.  They set up a training center that included courses and video training.  some price adjustments were made and Wealthy Affiliate Premium was unveiled.




The WA blog was relaunched at Wealthy Affiliate.




Street talk is brought on board which helped to put comments on Street Articles.  A live chat is put into place so that members can talk with each other.




A reward system was put into place for members to do such things as commenting and liking.  The Jaaxy keyword tool was shown to the world.  Notifications for members was introduced.  This showed them when friends like or comment or post on anything inside Wealthy Affiliate.  A big event in 2012 was the introduction of the no cost starter membership.  Some very important new training is introduced.




Private messaging is started where members can talk to each other privately.  Wealthy Affiliate classrooms are started.  Site Rubix completely updated is released.




More training is introduced based on creating content.




Security is introduced that is second to none.  Some updates were done for processing power because so many new members were joining.  The comment point system was introduced and was loved by all.




Training domains inside of Wealthy Affiliate is brought in making things easier and more secure. Free SSL certificates is brought in for members for their websites.  Also great spam protection was introduced.




As you can see through the years Wealthy Affiliate has been consistently making it a better place to be.  They have built a platform that can be trusted and a platform that is going to be around for a long time to come.  We should all be looking forward to the amazing things that are going to come out now and for years to come..



Wealthy Affiliate-Now Is Your time

The Last Site You Will Ever Need To Go To For The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Is Wealthy Affiliate

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: $0 for starter membership – $49.00 for premium
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com


If you have been anywhere online looking for places to learn how to earn online then you should have already seen Wealthy Affiliate on many occasions.  Im also sure you have been hard pressed to find any negative reviews.  Im sure you are doing everything in your power to find someone who has exposed wealthy Affiliate as a scam.  Well all I can say is good luck finding anything like that.  It just doesnt exist because Wealthy Affiliate is as honest and sincere as it gets.


I can guarantee you Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.  never has been and never will be.  My Name Is Dale Mazurek and I am a very happy member of Wealthy Affiliate.  I am doing just what you want to do and that is building a business online.  Like many I started as a newbie, took the training and am one step at a time succeeding at having my very own online business.  Anything and everything needed to build an online business is found inside this wonderful place.  You will not have to worry about upsells or hidden costs.


Also Wealthy Affiliate has the best forum and community out there and is completely included with Wealthy Affiliate.



So Let Me Tell You A Little About What We Call Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training program that can be found anywhere on the internet. The training is how to build a business online and works for beginners trying to get going online all the way up to the professional who wants to do some tweaking to their business.



Inside Wealthy Affiliate you are first taught to build your business based on something you love.  It can be a hobby, career or anything like that.  The niches are not chosen for you.  This is a great way to light a fire under you and get you excited about your business.  This makes it so much more likely that you will succeed.  If my opinion means anything I believe this is the best training program you will find anywhere on the internet or off line for that matter.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate One Of A Kind


Wealthy Affiliate isnt just some book you download and is more than just an every day product.  Its not just some old videos that are way outdated.  To sum it up it is like a complete University program for people looking to learn how to build a business online.  It provides you with every single tool needed including training and support.  I dare you to find this in any other product or course out there.


With affiliate marketing you need to be able to adjust on the fly because things are forever changing.  What worked today may not work tommorrow.  All the years I have been around affiliate marketing I have seen things change overnight that took my paycheck from lots to none just like that.  that is the great thing about Wealthy Affiliate.  The owners Kyle and Carson are very smart and are always on top of things.  New training and advice is always being put out for the members.


Another thing that you never see anywhere else is the owners being active in the community.  They are always around to help because they really do care about the members of Wealthy Affiliate.


Not only are Kyle and Carson around to help but you also have a community of many differant levels of knowledge who want to help.  These numbers are in the 10s of thousands of members.  No matter what level these people are at they are all willing to help you succeed.


Wealthy Affiliate Versus College


In college you pay thousands just for a single course and a lot more than that to get a degree.  Many University students pay thousands and thousands of dollars for their degrees and at the end of the day have debts that take years and years to pay off.  Many of them also find out their career isnt what they expected but they are stuck because of the time and money they have invested.


At Wealthy Affiliate for a premium membership it will cost less than a dollar a day and you will learn absolutely everything you need to know about building a business online.  This is by far a way better bang for your buck with much better training in many cases.


Building An Online Business-What Does It Actually Mean?


So many people really dont understand what an online business is even though it is absolutely a business that is built online.  Instead of being brick and mortar your business is built on a website.  The choice of business is absolutely up to you.  However no matter what you choose or decide upon you will be learning all about affiliate marketing.


The latest numbers tell us that over 3 billion people have access to the internet and many of those are forever searching for stuff through the search engines.  Even think about how often you use search engines and multiply that by 3 billion.  Also on many of those searches you likely found what you wanted on the first page or two.


Well welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and its world reknown training.  You will learn how to build websites with content that people are searching for online.  You are taught to find what people are searching for and write content based on those findings.  Then if you follow all the training you stand a great chance at ending up on page one or two of Google and have people clicking on your website.


If you build a site based on your interests and rank your content with the keywords you choose then you can end up getting lots of traffic to your website.


In the world of websites traffic is the same as customers in the brick and mortar world.  Once you have learned to get this traffic you will be taught how to encourage them to buy from your sight.


That is just a quick basic of what the training really involves.  It gets a lot more in depth and is always updated.


Just the Beginner Course is Extreme


  • Learn how to immediately get involved with the Wealthy Affiliate Community
  • Build a list of goals geared towards financial and non financial
  • Choose your very first niche
  • learn how to get your website working on WordPress
  • learn to build your low competition keyword lists
  • learn what it takes to earn online
  • Discover about monetizing your site
  • Have access to almost 1 million niches
  • Build your own site based on the niche you chose
  • You will learn how to make your site find the search engines for free
  • You will understand how to find the keywords needed


Access To Build 50 Websites (Premium members)


If you are building an online business websites are your stores.  Its cool to own a domain but if you have nowhere to host it then it is useless.


The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is by far worth more than what you pay for a premium membership.  You can have at it and try to find better options but I bid you good luck with that.  Because even the most basic hosting can be very expensive.


Just try and think what it would cost to host 50 sites on your own if you had to go elsewhere.  Its a no brainer that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be to host your sites.


Good Versus Bad

Lets Have a Peek At Whats Great At Wealthy Affiliate


  • Free can be forever, Its your decision to stay free or upgrade
  • You dont have to know what you are doing.  Everything you need to learn is here.
  • Training is always completely up to date.  No antique lessons.
  • Members help by adding their training.  Yep the community can upload training for members.  Different training may work for one person and not the other.
  • You have 24/7 support for your websites and 24/7 for everything else from the community which is well over 10 000 people who are active.
  • The owners are always around to help one-on-one
  • Hosting for 50 sites (premium members) 2 free Siterubix sites for free members
  • Unlimited use of the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM or a get rich quick scheme
  • Everyone about Wealthy Affiliate is honest and sincere and no one is ever trying to be that sleazy sales person
  • You have your own in house blog to write about anything and you can read other peoples blogs for inspiration
  • Every Friday is usually new live video training.  Also all the previous issues are available to watch as well.  You will always be able to learn something new
  • You will never be alone through any of the aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.  There will always be someone to help or just chat if you want.


Nothing Is Perfect



  • While the live chat is great it doesnt always work great because there is usually lots of people on there which results in the chat scrolling to fast to see your answer.  There have been times where I have had to ask a few times before someone replied with an answer.  So my advice is short fast questions.  If you are looking for something bigger you can find those in the classrooms.
  • You are at Wealthy affiliate to learn how to build a business online.  Well the community is so active that its easy to get lost in the social aspects of the community.  So sometimes you spend too much time chatting when you should be working on something for your business.
  • When it comes to negatives it really is very hard to find them.  WA is about the most sincere and honest community you can join.  Go ahead and look around, you just are not going to find the complaints out there.


Who Can Use Wealthy Affiliate?


  • People who are unemployed or cant find work
  • People who want to be their own boss
  • People who want the option of earning more money
  • If you need extra money for bills then this is for you
  • Anyone who has taken schooling
  • People who want to make honest (no scam ) money
  • Retired people who need to supplement their income
  • Stay at home parents
  • people who want extra money to fund vacations

You name it and Wealthy Affiliate is for them


Cost of Wealthy Affiliate

Lifetime Starter Membership– You pay nothing.  Sign up for free now

Premium Membership-Premium is $49.00 a month or $359 a year which works out to $29 a month.  Have a look and see whats involved.

My Final Words For Now


If you were looking for an honest review you just finished reading it.  You will not find anything better than Wealthy Affiiate.  As you read above 12 years ago they started just as a keyword platform.  So in only 12 years they have become the most interactive and successful place to be to learn to build your online business.


I mean you get to join for free and never have to upgrade to stay.  You still get a couple websites and tons of training.


I know a lot of people say if its too good to be true than it is,  Well Wealthy Affiliate is the exception to that rule.


One thing to remember though is no one is going to tell you that you are going to get rich over night.  This is a course that teaches you to work online.  You need to put in the time and effort.  You need to follow the courses and continue learning.


If you do everything you are taught then you cant fail at Wealthy Affiliate.


Another thing to remember if you decide to go premium within 7 days you will get your first full month for only $19 dollars.


Also besides the help you get in the classrooms, courses, and community I will always be around to help as well.


I know there are still always questions or comments.  To leave a question or comment please go here and I will answer as soon as I can

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Happy Marketing