Work From Home For Free-Is It Possible?

I get this question almost every day. That question is can I work from home for free? I have 2 short answers to that. First answer is yes and the second answer is no. Yep yes and no. In this post I want to go through a few things about working online for free as opposed to paying little money.


Notice I said little money. By the time you are finished reading this you will see that I am ok with free and I am ok with paying a little money. What you will also notice is that I have no interest in spending large amounts of money and I will always advise you to stay away from anything asking for a lot of money.


However that is something I will get to later on in this article.


So my plan is to show you a little how you can do things for free. How you can have better results spending a little money and how you never have to spend a lot of money. After that I want to review the article and show you what works for me.


Well time to get to the meat and potatoes.


Free Affiliate Marketing


I get so many people asking me about affiliate marketing and whether they can do it for free. The absolute answer to that is yes you actually can make money working online with no investment.


Before I get to involved here I want to make it crystal clear to you that while you can make money with no investment it will require a ton of effort and time. Now anything you do online is going to take time and effort to succeed but doing it for absolutely no investment will take much longer.


First thing you are going to have to do is research what you are going to need to become an affiliate marketer.


You are going to need lots of research, you will need free websites or blogs. You will need a free keyword tool. You are going to need lots and lots of free tools. Please don’t take this the wrong way. Every tool you need is out there for free. It just takes a bit of effort to make sure you have everything in place. There is one place where you can do it for free and once again you need to be patient because at the end of this article I will let you know who provides this kind of info,


Paying A Little For An Affiliate Marketing Plan


I know you are more than likely here looking for a way to make money. You feel desperate because things are piling up and you don’t know where to go. First off I need you to take a step back and understand that being desperate will get you no where. You need to know with patience and hard work you can get rid of all your problems.


Sometimes its just a little easier if you are willing to pay a few dollars. There are several programs out there that have for pricing. With that pricing they offer you several tools and in some cases some great and some not so great training. That’s for discussion later.


In some cases it really is ok to spend some money to make some money. You have to decide what your time is worth and what you are being offered and for how much. Of course now its about making smart decisions.


Remember that you are here to make money. The best way to do that is to find an affordable program that will not only supply tools but also that will provide some great training as well.


So in my honest opinion that is where your research should be geared towards. Finding an affordable program that offers great tools and great training.


Paying Too Much To Be An Affiliate Marketer


Well now we are at a point that really irks me. People are looking to make some money and all some can do is take advantage of others while they are down.


I am here to tell you right now to stay away from the expensive programs. Some of these programs will charge 1000s and 1000s of dollars before they are through with all the upgrades. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand what I am saying.


I am not saying that you can’t or won’t learn. I am not saying that these companies don’t have a service. I am not even saying that their services aren’t good. My problem comes into play with the amounts of money they try to get out of a person.


There is no reason for you to fall into the traps. Many of these guys will claim you are paying money for premium tools and premium training. Some may even promise you things that there just are no guarantees of.


So at the end of the day if you are looking for a way to make money I am going to ask you to please stay away from the high priced programs. Honestly they just are not worth the money.


So Where Does That Leave You?


This is about you and I believe you got here because you are doing research to find what’s going to work best for you. As if this world of the internet isn’t big enough already now you are faced with making a decision that could end up changing your life forever.


You know your brain is already full of information and you haven’t even started yet. There is enough evidence to stay away from the high priced companies. So now all you need to do is make a decision whether you want to go free or if you are willing to spend a few dollars.


What if I could answer that question for you and make life much easier.


Now You Can Stop Doing Your Research


Well, earlier I said now all you have to do is make a decision on whether you want to go entirely free or if you are willing to pay a few dollars.


Well I am here to tell you that I can show you a way to have the best of both worlds. There is a company that offers you absolutely everything you need to succeed. They offer you all the tools and cutting edge training that in so many cases has been compared to some of the best university training available.


This company offers you everything you need for free. They give you a chance to test drive most of the business. Then they give you an option after you have tried it for a while. First they will offer you a very inexpensive upgrade which will give you even more intense and in depth training not to mention top-notch tools for affiliate marketing as well.


Now if you decide you can’t afford the upgrade at first then no one will pressure you and you will always be welcome to stay as a free member and you can still make money as a free member. You see of course the small price for the upgrade is the obvious choice. However I know some people just aren’t ready to make that commitment at first so there is no pressure. For an in depth review of the company I am speaking of go ahead and click below.


Click Here To Take Control Of Your Life


Who Am I?


My name is Dale and I am an affiliate marketer. My goal when I got into affiliate marketing consisted of two things. One was to be successful online and the second was to make sure I help as many people as I can.


I know how lonely it can be so whether yo decide to work from home for free or you decide on this small upgrade I will still be there to help you on your journey. I write my posts from the heart and from where ever my brain takes me. I try to stay away from the canned messages because I want to know the people I work with and not feel like a robot.


So don’t be scared to start out for free.


If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible


8 Comments on “Work From Home For Free-Is It Possible?”

  1. There are those of course you make a lot of money who are out there saying you’ve spent a lot of money putting the thousands of dollars that you referred to however it’s always good to start small and then work your way up to your investment to make sure you’re always in a positive cash flow. Thanks for the great perspective

    1. I just know in this day and age not a lot of people have a huge cash flow to put out there.  This gives them a chance to be in positive before they are out so much miney.

  2. Hey Bladen,

    It is true that working from home takes a lot of efforts, but paying a high premium program to take the easy way out is not advisable. Unless you’re affordable, there are many free Good Program out there but always watch out for Scam. Do your review!

    I concurred with that Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn and earn that made possible to work from home free.

  3. Hi Dale
    I have really enjoyed reading your post on working from home.
    Free or paid, I think working from home is possible if one is disciplined and ready to work as hard as working in an office for a boss.
    As you mentioned in your post, some programs cost $1000s of dollard to teach you affiliate marketing yet still fail to deliver.I think people are desperate and frustrated for working for bosses,helping them make their dreams come true so we coome to a point when we think “ok, what if I could invest a 1 time $1000 and be successfull?”
    But I believe there is nothing like quick fix in affiliate marketing or any work from home for that matter,you have to plant a seed and wait for it to grow.
    Now you mention a company with inexpensive upgrade that will teach everything,I know this may sound unconvinced but what do you consider an inexpensive upgrade and how does it really work?Does the program accept international members? I`m asking because from experience, I`ve come to learn that some online programs do not accept international members.
    Thanks so much for sharing, really appreciate

    1. Honestly I mean as little as a few hundred dollars a year.  Yes it does offer its services world wide for the most part.  How does it really work?  Its a teaching program.  Step by step direction.  So precise that you have a very high chance of making things work.  Have a look and see what you think.  Take a look here  Get signed up for free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  4. Hey Dale, great post. I too know the lonliness that comes from being an affiliate marketer at times, but sometimes in life we must stop having fun and learn to create a life for ourselves that will truly make us happy,even if at times we have to give up a little bit of time to spend with our loved ones.

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