Work From Your Home-I Know You Think Its A Scam!!

So you are looking to work from your home but you have absolutely no idea what direction to take. You see hundreds and thousands of offers that promise to help you earn a living working on your computer.


Of course, you are leary. You may have joined a few of these in the past only to have things not go good at all. I’m not going to paint a rosy picture for you at the moment. At the end of the day most of these business that you join are only looking out for themselves.


Once they get your credit card they do everything in their power to sell you as many up sells as possible. I have seen people buy up sells upwards of 15 000 dollars. That has to be just devastating. I know I have likely lost a few thousand over the years but not in one lump sum.


Now, that doesn’t mean all are bad and all are just out to get your money. There actually are a lot of good guys out there. So in this article I plan to tell you a little about the program I joined and why.


It’s not really going to be a review but rather just a true story of what’s going on and why I would join Wealthy Affiliate.


Finally, Something Thats Honest


I’m not stupid and I have made a lot of bad choices when picking programs to help me work online. I also know there are not hundreds, not thousands but millions of people out there making bad decisions and picking bad programs.


Well I am here to tell you there really is something honest out there. Actually I’m not going to lie there are a few good programs out there but honestly none better than Wealthy Affiliate. Check out a True Wealthy Affiiate Review.


People are always so quick to point out the scams out there. Well my goal is to get people pointing out in my opinion what is the best program out there. I want people to understand there really are good people out there who are not trying to scam them.

A Never Die Company


In the world of affiliate marketing we see companies come and go. We see so many programs promise so much and deliver nothing.


The point of the matter is so many companies get in, take as much money as they can and then disappear only to pop up at another time with another name.
You need to know Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 12 years and have never been stronger than they are now. They were a company that started out selling keyword lists to now being a one stop shop for all your affiliate marketing needs.

So What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


So remember when I said this wasn’t going to be an official review, well it still isn’t. I’m just shooting from the hip and what comes out of my brain onto the computer screen is what’s going to get published.


So I asked what is Wealthy Affiliate?


Right away people think here we go again, a lame product to push on others that has outdated info and really not a lot. On the surface it may look great but when you get to it there is not much really there.


Well I am here to tell you that WA is much different from that. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program straight up. You will learn step by step how to become an affiliate marketer. And the great is there are no up sells. Absolutely everything you need is built right into the training.


As for pushing Wealthy Affiliate it is absolutely something you never have to do if you don’t want to. You can stay in the program, do all the learning, participate in the community and become very successful as a marketer without ever promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


Of course if you do want to promote it then that is great. It has a very lucrative commission. I promote WA because I truly believe in it and decided to make it one of my streams of income.


The Meat And Potatoes


The fact of the matter is a lot of things. Wealthy Affiliate is 12 years old as of September 2017. That means they have weathered all the storms through the years like all the changes made by Google.


The community is absolutely the best in the world. Along with site support as well. What I mean here is that if you can’t find answers to your questions then all you need to do is simply do a search. If you can’t find it through a search then feel free to ask the community and in most cases you will have answers in minutes. Quite often you will have several answers.


Then there is site support which I absolutely have to say is unbelievable. They are around to help with technical issues on our websites. I have needed them 3 times and not once did it take them more than 5 minutes to get back to me and they never gave up until we got things sorted out.


I have been in programs before that has taken weeks for site support to get back to me. So yes that means I have had to wait weeks to move to my next step.


But here is the best part of the support system. In the internet world in any program you have worked in have you ever had the opportunity to chat with the owners or send private messages. Yes I said private messages. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the two owners named Kyle and Carson are millionaires because of Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing.


The thing is those two have never forgotten the people who have been beside them You can always find them on live chat helping newbies and non newbies lol. I have had to pm Kyle twice and Carson once and have always got an answer. Now that is customer service.


It Doesnt End There


The Certification and Boot Camp training are second to none. They are so well-thought-out with courses, phases and lessons. It is very thorough specific step by step training. There are no short cuts or short comings. Everything you need to be successful with affiliate marketing is there.


On top of that there is always new training coming from the community and weekly webinars from a man they call Jay lol. These are archived and recorded if you need to watch them at a later date.

There Is So Much More


At the end of the day Wealthy Affiliate is so much more. Show me one other place where you can join for free and stay for free if you want. Yes there is an upgrade if you so desire but that is your choice not there’s. They will never ask you for a credit card when you sign up.


The training is second to none and the atmosphere in the community is that of a family.


I challenge you to hit the internet and look for bad reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. So if you really do want to work from your home you should at least give this a look and sign up for the free account. Sign up after reading this great Wealthy Affiliate Review.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

4 Comments on “Work From Your Home-I Know You Think Its A Scam!!”

  1. great post! i’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate for about 4-5 months and it is like none I’ve ever seen before
    it really does give you steps into building your own brand so far i made little money but even that shows you what they are teaching you works!

    1. You will never see me tell people they will make quick money.  Im all about taking your time, learning the system and then failure shouldnt be an option.

  2. Great overall article on Wealthy Affiliate, Dale. What always appealed to me was the sense that this was not a get rich quick program, but one that provides the info and tools to get the job done. The thing is YOU still have to do it. If you have the willingness to learn and the ability to stick with it in good and bad times, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. Good job. Good info.

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